Stay ahead of the curve with 2024's best juicers. Compare features, efficiency, and ease of use to choose the perfect juicer for your health journey.

The 6 Best Juicers of 2024

When beginning your research to identify juicer that is perfect for you, the first thing is distingushing the twp main types: centrifugal and cold press.

The first are fast, less expensive and good for anyone getting started, someone that just wants to get their juice fix. But the cold press extract juice by crushing and compressing the product.

The models work at slower speeds but are more effective with leafy greens and preserve more nutrients. They are favored by health enthusiasts. We did that research for you.

Our Picks

Best Price$114
Breville the Juice Fountain Cold
$199See It
Nama Vitality 5800
Amzchef Slow Juicer ZM1501
Nutribullet Juicer
Bagotte DB-001
$114See It
Sage 3X Bluicer Pro
$190See It

Best Overall: Breville the Juice Fountain Cold

The Breville juicer is one of the most convenient to use. Made with centrifugal technology, this juicer is perfect for anyone looking for quick and high-quality juice. The versatile juicer is suitable for all types of vegetable and fruits and should be a choice for most people.

Experience the Breville Juice Fountain Cold, engineered to keep juice cool and preserve essential nutrients. Quench your thirst with cold, delicious, and healthy juice every time.


  • Type: Centrifugal Juicer
  • Feed Chute Size: 3.2 inch / 8.2cm
  • Juice Pitcher Capacity: 70oz/ 2 liter
  • Speed Settings: Multiple
  • Pulp Container Capacity: 3.6 qt/ 3.4L
Pros Large capacity Smooth juice with no pulp Stays cool during use
Cons Poor with leafy greens Foam on some juices

Who is it for?
The Breville Juice Fountain Cold is best suited for families or individuals who wish to have fresh juice ready almost effortlessly and in almost no time. The large capacity allows for the preparation of juice in big amounts, and this is most beneficial for very busy individuals.

The many fruits and vegetables to choose from also makes it convenient for people who like to modify the ingredients. However, it might not be the best juicer for leafy greens. While they can be processed, it is not as effective as leafier firm fruits and vegetables. To this end, the Breville the Juice Fountain Cold is the go-to juicer. It is most beneficial for quality and time efficiency.

Best Premium Juicer: Nama Vitality 5800

The Nama Vitality 5800 is the best choice among cold press juicers for dedicated juicing fans. Made for people who want the best juice, the Vitality 5800 is the best cold press juicer on the market. Plenty of juice is available while maintaining all of the beneficial vitamins and enzymes. This cold press juicer is excellent for people who are serious about their juicing.

Unleash the full potential of fruits and vegetables with the Nama Vitality 5800. Our innovative cold press technology ensures that every drop of juice is packed with natural flavors and nutrients.


  • Type: Cold Press Juicer
  • Feed Chute Size: 2 inch / 6.35 cm
  • Juice Pitcher Capacity: 0.2 gallon / 1 liter
  • Material: High-Quality BPA-Free Components
  • Motor: Quiet and Powerful
Pros High Juice Yield Nutrient Retention Quiet Operation
Cons Higher Price Small Feed Chute Longer Juicing Time

Who is it for?
The juicer can produce the most nutrients making it suitable for individuals of a healthy lifestyle. It advantages people whose only wish is to optimize their fruits and veggies. Nama Vitality 5800is the right juicer to get.

Although it is highly-priced, it is the best option since juicing is costly. off to milk the The juicer runs quietly. Nama Vitality 5800 produces a lot of juice. It is good for early risers as well as night birds.

Best Budget: Amzchef Slow Juicer ZM1501

The Amzchef Slow Juicer ZM1501 is the best budget juicer as it provides an affordable way for novices to enter the low-speed juicing world. Unlike the above-mentioned model, it is designed for people who have not yet committed to juicing or simply want to enjoy a value-oriented, healthy homemade drink.

Discover the Amzchef ZM1501 Slow Juicer for maximum juice extraction with minimal oxidation. Enjoy fresh, nutrient-rich juices with our easy-to-clean, quiet-operating masticating juicer.


  • Type: Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Motor: Quiet Operation
  • Material: BPA-Free Components
  • Juice Yield: High Efficiency
  • Cleaning: Easy to Clean
Pros Affordable Price Easy to Use Quiet Operation
Cons Lower Juice Yield Basic Features

Who is it for?

Amzchef’s Slow Juicer ZM1501 is the best juicer for beginners. It is also an excellent juicer for someone on a tight budget. The design is easy to use, the motor is quiet, and it is small enough for small homes or apartments.

The noise might be a concern, but residents can try the benefits of juicing without breaking the bank. Operating at a low level, this juicer will produce quality juice.

Best Affordable Centrifugal Juicer: Nutribullet Juicer

The Nutribullet Juicer is the Best Affordable Centrifugal Juicer. It provides a perfect balance of price and performance. The juicer is designed for people who want fresh juices fast and cheap. It’s perfect for beginners. It’s also great for anyone wanting a simple juicing experience.

The Nutribullet Juicer blends speed with nutrition, offering a quick juicing process without compromising on health benefits. Ideal for busy lifestyles, it's your shortcut to wellness.


  • Type: Centrifugal Juicer
  • Motor: 800W Power
  • Speed Settings: Multiple (including low, high, and turbo)
  • Juice Pitcher Capacity: 27oz/ 800ml
  • Material: Durable, BPA-Free Components
Pros Affordable Price Easy to Use Efficient Juicing
Cons Not Ideal for Leafy Greens Some Pulp in Juice Noisy

Who is it for?
Overall, the Nutribullet Juicer is a product that is suitable for beginners or those looking for a Fast, reliable, and relatively affordable way of juicing. It is easy to operate and can juice quickly, which is optimal for active users.

This appliance works for individuals or small families who do not want to spend much time or money creating a fresh drink. Although it may not deliver optimal performance with leafy greens, other produce can be juiced properly.

Therefore, it suits people who look for something that works and provides a quality/price ratio to be considered the best.

Best Compact Juicer: Bagotte DB-001

The Bagotte DB-001 Juicer is highly regarded as the top compact juicer. It is perfect for people with small kitchens or those who want a portable juicer. Its ease of use and affordability make it a popular choice among those new to juicing.

The Bagotte DB-001 Juicer offers a compact design with powerful extraction. Get your daily vitamins through fresh juice, made in seconds with easy cleanup.


  • Type: Centrifugal Juicer
  • Motor: 400W Power
  • Feed Chute Size: 65mm Wide
  • Juice Jug Capacity: 350ml
  • Pulp Container Capacity: 1200ml
  • Material: Stainless Steel, BPA-Free
Pros Space-Saving Design Easy to Clean Affordable Price
Cons Limited Capacity Shorter Run Time Basic Features

Who is it for?
The Bagotte DB-001 is best suitable for singles or tiny families. It’s cheap, simple to operate, as well as best suited for someone that doesn’t want to waste a lot. The small size of this option makes it suitable for very little kitchens.

It is likewise perfect for individuals that like a minimalistic design. This might not be the most effective alternative for large juice batches, but it does a fantastic work standing out juicing swiftly and simply daily.

Best Multipurpose Juicer: Sage 3X Bluicer Pro

The Sage 3X Bluicer Pro is perhaps the best known multipurpose juicer. Indeed, this unit pairs a blender with a juicer in one cutting-edge device. The juicing and blending system is incorporated into one that is ideal for limited space.

The Sage 3X Bluicer Pro is a game-changer in kitchen appliances, combining blending and juicing capabilities. Create nutrient-rich juices, smoothies, and more with this versatile machine.


  • Type: Hybrid (Juicer and Blender)
  • Motor: Powerful and Efficient
  • Juicing and Blending Modes: Multiple Settings
  • Safety Features: Interlocking Safety Arm
  • Material: Durable Stainless Steel
Pros Versatile Functionality Space-Saving Design Easy to Clean
Cons Bulky Size Higher Price Point Complex

Who is it for?
The Sage 3X Bluicer Pro is best suited for people with entrepreneurial tendencies in the kitchen but have no space for two distinct gadgets. It also fits people with an appetite for health, as they can both blend smoothies and prepare fresh juice. The price might seem on the higher side, but its performance justifies the expenses. Therefore, it targets many people who love excellent work.

How to Choose juicer for you?

Your choice of the juicer should align with your lifestyle and juicing preferences. Whether you’re after speed and convenience with a centrifugal model or nutrient-rich juices from a cold press juicer, there’s a perfect option out there for you.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Best Juicer?

  1. Type of Juicer: Depending on one’s preference for type and design, it is essential to understand the following distinction. The centrifugal is quicker however is not applicable for leafy greens and operates noisily. Masticating juicers serve longer and pull more juice previously from the vegetables, especially the leafy and the wheatgrass and supplies more food. The last triturating juicer is also a fine contender but costs more.
  2. Juice Quality and Yield: Different juicers produce different juice qualities. Masticating and triturating juicers usually offer a higher yield and better nutrient retention compared to centrifugal juicers.
  3. Noise Level: Some juicers can be quite loud, especially centrifugal models. If noise is a concern, a masticating juicer might be a better choice as they tend to operate more quietly.
  4. Ease of Cleaning: Juicers can be challenging to clean, with many parts that may not be dishwasher safe. Look for a juicer with easy-to-clean features to save time and effort.
  5. Size and Storage: Consider the size of the juicer and how much counter space it requires. Some models can be quite bulky.
  6. Pulp Ejection: External pulp ejection systems are more convenient, especially for continuous juicing, as you won’t need to stop and clean out the pulp basket frequently.
  7. Feed Chute Size: A larger feed chute means less prep time cutting fruits and vegetables, but it might also affect the quality of juice in some models.

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