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5 Best Fax Machines of 2024: Revolutionizing Communication Technology!

In some areas, although there are several other digital communication options, the best fax machine remains necessary, such as legal and healthcare.

Faxes are the best way to protect confidential printed papers and give them a legal status that is confirmed. For this reason, faxes have always been necessary for businesses and other companies and are becoming the only option that can assist mobile people in this digital age.

In conclusion, some faxes are instruments that are, in practice, necessary and needed, even in the digital age. Who are we to question that? Nevertheless, all of these goods are not available for us to use. As a result, we sought to determine our answer to the following question: “Which product would I rather buy?”

Our Top Picks

Best Price$330
Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF
Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1 Multifunction Xpress
Brother MFC-L6800DWT
Brother FAX-2940
Samsung SF-760P

Best Overall: Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF

The Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF is the perfect model for anyone in search of fax machines with more to offer faxing. The all-in-one solution is ideal for use in home offices and small businesses as a one-stop device for all office duties: print, scan, copy, and fax.

Best fax machine: Epson WorkForce WF-2750DWF, a versatile all-in-one inkjet printer with Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax.


  • Print Speed: Up to 33 pages per minute.
  • Scan Resolution: 1200 x 2400 dpi.
  • Features: Print, copy, scan, fax.
  • Dimensions: 16.73 x 14.17 x 9.06 inches.
  • Weight: 14.55 lbs.
  • Automatic Document Feeder: Yes, up to 30 pages.
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, compatible with iOS devices and AirPrint.
Pros Economical Ink Usage Multi-Functionality Wi-Fi Connectivity
Cons High Noise Level Poor Design Limited Paper Handling

Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1 Multifunction Xpress Laser Printer

Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1 Multifunction Xpress laser printer, a powerful and multi-functional device, is an excellent option for work requiring high-quality printing, scanning, and photocopying. The laser printing technology allows producing excellent print quality, and it is suitable both for small print runs and for professional use. Thus, it is best used in the office environment where high productivity is needed.

Samsung M2885FW 4-in-1 Multifunction Xpress: A multifunctional laser printer that offers printing, scanning, copying, and faxing in a sleek, black design.


  • Print Speed: Up to 28 pages per minute.
  • Print Resolution: Effective 4,800 x 600 dpi.
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets.
  • Dimensions: 15.79 x 14.25 x 14.45 inches.
  • Weight: 24.91 lbs.
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, USB, Wi-Fi, NFC.
  • Features: Duplex printing, Eco settings, Wide range media support.
Pros Superb Print Quality Good Connectivity Duplex Printing
Cons Multi-Purpose Tray Limitation Complicated User Experience LCD Display

Brother MFC-L6800DWT

This Brother MFC-L6800DWT is a beast within the fax machine sector and is best for those trying to get the best fax machine for high-demand environments. This can do a lot more than just send or receive faxes, as it’s also designed to be a complete print, scanning, and copying option for larger offices and corporations.

It offers peak performance and can withstand high-volume requirements making it the go-to option for growing businesses.

Brother MFC-L6800DWT: A robust all-in-one laser printer designed for high-volume workloads, featuring dual paper trays and a full-range keypad.


  • Print Speed: Up to 46 pages per minute.
  • Scan Resolution: 1,200 x 1,200 dpi.
  • Paper Capacity: 520 sheets.
  • Dimensions: 19.49 x 16.81 x 25.59 inches.
  • Weight: 50.26 lbs.
  • Connectivity: USB, network.
  • Features: Fast print speeds, high print quality, large range of connectivity options.
Pros Fast Print Speeds High Print Quality Large Paper Capacity
Cons Large Size Heavy Weight Higher Price

Brother FAX-2940

Brother FAX-2940, I think that this is a decent machine for fax, and it is ideal for those who do not require extra functions. In contrast to the numerous all-in-one devices, the Brother is exclusively a good faxes machine with no frills.

It is a perfect tool for those businesses needing a station that would send a fax and nothing else: no printing, no scanning, or no copying. While I would recommend this device for somebody willing to send faxes all day long, it does not have the versatility of a multifunction device.

Brother FAX-2940: A compact, monochrome laser fax machine with a built-in handset and a simple control panel.


  • Fax Speed: Up to 33.6kbps.
  • Fax Resolution: Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi.
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets.
  • Dimensions: 14.17 x 14.49 x 12.24 inches.
  • Weight: 19.4 lbs.
  • Features: 200-speed dials, up to 500 pages of transmit/receive memory.
Pros Dedicated Fax Machine High Fax Resolution Speed Dial Feature
Cons Limited Functionality Vintage Design

Samsung SF-760P

Samsung SF-760P can be distinguished for its directness and simplicity of use. This machine has only one function and is generally operated by users who would rather avoid multifunction devices. The most adequate solution to this need is offered by this machine, as there are no other extra functions.

Therefore, it might be one of the best fax machines. One of the best features of this machine is a straightforward design that makes it easy to use because it is directed at people who do not need extra features. Meanwhile, it should be noted that due to this simplicity, a user will not have a possibility to scan, print or copy.

Samsung SF-760P: A practical laser fax machine with additional printing, copying, and scanning functions, designed for office use.


  • Print Speed: Up to 20 pages per minute.
  • Fax Resolution: 300 dpi.
  • Paper Capacity: 250 sheets.
  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 16.77 x 10.24 inches.
  • Weight: 13.89 lbs.
  • Features: Dedicated fax machine, easy to use, stores over 200 auto-dial numbers.
Pros Easy to Use Efficient Faxing
Cons Limited Functionality Poor Design Does not offer Wi-Fi

Why do I need a fax machine in 2024?

It is not only because of technical problems that people may continue to need the fax machine even though we now have a lot of technology. Fax machines are still in use:

  • Healthcare: Doctors and hospitals use them very often, they send patient information and important medical records. It’s a safe way to make sure that people’s private health details don’t get seen by other people who are not entitled to this information.
  • For legal purposes. Lawyers and courts very often use fax machines to send official papers. When something like this is sent by fax, there can be no suspicion that the papers could have been lost or changed because nobody will accept altered papers to be the ones they sent via fax.
  • In business. Some businesses, especially when people buy and sell something large, like a house or a car, those involved use a fax machine to send papers quickly. This ensures that everything is agreed and everything is clear and official. And again, there is no internet connection there and no fear that somebody else on the interment will learn what the agreement is.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got a Fax Machine?

  1. Need a Phone Line: A phone line is required for the fax machine to function. Its operation is similar to your landline, which requires a phone line.
  2. Slow Transmission: Fax is not as fast as actual e-mail. Think of it similar to text messaging which is not instantaneous.
  3. Paper and Ink: As a printer, the fax machine also needs paper and ink. If you use it often, these will need to be renewed.
  4. Not Just Faxing: Some fax machines also print, scan, and reproduce documents. It’s like having numerous devices in one machine.
  5. Space on Desk: A fax machine takes up space in your desk or office, unlike mobile telephones.
  6. Security: Because fax machines are frequently used to send important papers, you can say that they offer a more secure approach than e-Mail of information that is sensitive and therein.
  7. Maintenance: Like any machine, a fax machine needs maintenance care. This means regular cleaning and sometimes mending when it breaks down.

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