An industrial-scale best laser engraver meticulously crafting a detailed landscape, ideal for professionals demanding the highest precision and efficiency.

The 7 Best Laser Engravers of 2024

Once you face the challenge of finding the best laser engraver, keep in mind that the modern market is diverse.

Of course, following the technological advancements, the laser engraving technology has made a significant step forward. The variety of these machines is astonishing; from intricate wooden engravings and etching to acrylics and even leather and metal, the best engraver for you should suit your materials of choice and complete the task with precision and ease.

The key parameters to consider while browsing the enormous range of products are the engraving area, power, software, and the overall build quality. Nevertheless, always remember that the engraver is all about performance.

Our Top Picks

Best Price$1,400
SnapMaker Artisan
Glowforge Pro
Two Trees T2
Creality Falcon2 40W
IKier K1 Ultra 36W
$1,400See It
Ortur LM3

Best Overall: XTOOL P2

The best engraver of those I have considered is the XTOOL P2. It combines excellent power, precision, and ease of use. All these qualities make it a suitable choice for both hobbyists and professionals. In addition, the XTOOL P2 can meet all engraving requirements. It leads the market area of the laser engraving device due to its unique characteristics.

The XTOOL P2, with its sleek and user-friendly design, setting a new standard for the engraver in a professional setting.


  • Rated Power: 55W (CO2 Glass laser tube)
  • Engraving Area: 680x360mm
  • Product Weight: 45KG
  • Product Size: 1000×639×268mm
  • Max. Carving Speed: 600mm/s
  • Processing Precision: 0.01mm
Pros Fully enclosed design High-speed engraving Extensive material compatibility
Cons Relatively expensive Large physical size Requires teamwork for mobility

Who Is It For?

The XTOOL P2 is laser engraving meant for serious work. It is powerful and reliable. The engraver is suitable for use in small businesses. Such enterprises wish to acquire a universal tool that applies to several materials with high precision. This requirement perfectly matches this model.

Since it provides productivity and safety, it can be used in various industrial sectors, including educational ones. Despite the high cost, the XTOOL P2 is an ideal choice for professionals.

It is an excellent and durable laser engraver. A large working area and the use of a wide range of materials make this device universal. The engraver allows creating various small details.

However, due to the large dimensions and heavy weight, a laser engraving machine is better placed, where it is not transferred from place to place. This engraver is an ideal choice for those who often need to perform a variety of work.

Best Multi-tool: SnapMaker Artisan

Another engraver is the SnapMaker Artisan. The product boasts the highest number of differences and is considered to be the most advanced. SnapMaker, laser engraver, works thanks to combination with 3D printing and CNC carving systems.

This is a truly all-in-one machine. SnapMaker Artisan, laser engraver, combines a large work area and the highest precision. As a result, it is suitable for both amateurs who need it to perform their hobbies and professionals.


  • Work Area: 400 mm × 400 mm
  • Power: 10W
  • Laser Type: 450 nm–460 nm Semi-conductor
  • Max. Engraving Speed: 100 mm/s
  • Max. Cutting Depth (Paulownia): 8 mm
  • Materials Supported: Basswood, Paulownia, Pinewood, Plywood, Beech, Walnut, Bamboo, MDF, Painted Metal, Tinplate, Stainless Steel, Anodized Aluminum, Dark Glass, Slate, Ceramics, Jade, Marble, Shale, Leather, Fabric, Canvas, Corrugated Paper, Cardboard, Plastic, Dark Acrylic
Pros Versatile Functionality Large Work Area High Precision
Cons Higher Cost Larger Footprint Complexity for Beginners

Who Is It For?

SnapMaker Artisan should be a top choice for anyone that must have a versatile, powerful tool at their disposal as a craftsperson. Small businesses and entrepreneurs, in particular, would welcome it. They require a device that can cover several of their needs at once, such as laser engraving, 3D printing, and CNC carving.

The SnapMaker Artisan is a cost-effective option. It would be much more expensive if it were three separate machines. Educational institutions of all kinds and workshops will find SnapMaker Artisan to be a useful tool to have. Students can be trained in a variety of fabrication methods. It can easily switch function, which is ideal for education and trial creating.

An absolute beginner may not be a suitable engraver, however. It might not be necessary for anyone who has never worked with anything like this. The engraver is better for someone who already has a little experience with digital fabrication. It is a top-choice because it is versatile, good quality, and professional.

Best For Classrooms: Glowforge Pro

For high schools, the Glowforge Pro is the engraver. The device is easy to use, secure, and adaptable. The Glowforge Pro was expressly designed for the educational field.

Additionally, both students and teachers can participate actively. The Glowforge Pro is dependable, fast, and outfitted with some of the latest features. Thus, laser etching is an exciting and accessible experience to bring into a classroom.

The Glowforge Pro laser engraver stands out as a engraver with its sleek white design and superior laser cutting technology.


  • Rated Power: 45W CO2 laser
  • Engraving Area: 279mm x 495mm
  • Maximum Material Width: 515mm
  • Maximum Material Height: 50mm (2 inches)
  • Maximum Material Height with Tray: 13mm (0.5 inches)
  • Cutting Area: Approximately 279mm deep and 495mm wide
  • Laser Wavelength: 10,600nm
  • Cooling System: Solid-state cooling
  • Class: Class 4 laser device
Pros User-Friendly Interface Solid-State Cooling Versatile Material Compatibility
Cons Price Size Internet Dependency

Who Is It For?

Educational institutions are the most obvious target for the Glowforge Pro. These institutions are on the lookout for ways to incorporate more technology in their curricula. Since this model is easily understandable, it can be utilized by classes at all levels.

Additionally, electric cooling technology allows the engraver to cut and engrave a wide range of materials. Therefore, these institutions may use the tool to complete all projects, from art and design to practical engineering projects.

A classroom may also benefit from the Pro as a learning initiative for students. It promotes innovation and creative thinking while preserving a safe environment for everyone. As insignificant drawbacks such as overall dimensions and reliance on the internet, it brings exceptional educational value.

A perfect question that asks whether this model is suitable for any school that would like to give its students a hands-on experience with today’s technology is the best justification for the Pro.

Indeed, the engraver stands out amongst its competitors. It offers a compromise between productivity, safety, and accessibility. Classrooms that focus more on STEAM learning may find it an excellent purchase.

With the product, students will be able to make their wildest dreams a reality. They will be able to experiment in fields such as design and manufacturing in a regulated setting.

Best For Beginners: Two Trees T2

The Two Trees T2 is the best laser engraving machine for beginners. This device is a combination of easy to use features and robust performance. The manufacturer has come up with a user-friendly and safety-focused device for people who are still getting to know the laser engraving technology. It has a large engraving area and reliable laser technology that suits various projects, from crafting to small-scale production.

The Two Trees T2 laser engraver encased in a protective cover, representing the engraver for hobbyists seeking precision in a compact form.


  • Laser Power: 10W
  • Motherboard: 32bit
  • Laser Wavelength: 445±5nm
  • Engraving Speed: 10000 mm/min
  • Electrical Requirement: 24V 4A DC
  • Engraving Area: 450mm x 450mm
Pros User-Friendly Interface Large Engraving Area High Precision
Cons Limited Power No Built-in Screen Manual Focus Adjustment

Who Is It For?

For someone looking to explore the world of laser engraving, the Two Trees T2 is an ideal place to begin. Its simplicity and beginner-friendly features make it the engraver for everyone taking their first steps in this space.

More experienced users might require an engraver that affords them more options and control. The T2 offers a wide engraving area that accommodates several sizes and types of material. It’s perfect for hobbyists who enjoy customizing small items such as wood craftworks, leather goods, or home decor.

Moreover, the engraver offers just the right precision and versatility needed for everything from simple do-it-yourself tasks to advanced projects. The LED display and user-friendly interface of the Two Trees T2 let first-time users familiarize themselves with the process quickly. The Two Trees T2 will serve as an affordable yet high-quality option for a start-up owner.

New businesses can not only brand their products with art and creativity but ensure a high level of precision and quality in the results produced, which can be a massive customer attraction. Thus, due to its combination of affordability and functionality, the Two Trees T2 engraver is an excellent choice for beginners.

Best For Precision: Creality Falcon2 40W

Creality Falcon2 40W is definitely the engraver for precision among other producers. It is industrial grade and is engineered for end users who need smooth precise cutting and engraving. Falcon2 offers the most precise edge 0.0125mm thanks to a 40W laser.

It is well-suited for more complicated designs and fine materials. Besides, The light spot is adjustable to further increase the precision. The maximum engraving speed amounts to 25000mm/min due to the high speed and precision, even vigilant cutting operations will look professional for the end user.

Detailed view of the Creality Falcon2 40W, acclaimed as one of the engravers for its durability and efficient performance.


  • Rated Power: 40W
  • Machine Power: Max. 240W
  • Engraving Area: 400 x 415 mm
  • Max. Carving Speed: 25000mm/min
  • Adjustable Light Spot: 0.1mm/0.15mm
  • Wavelength: 455±5mm
  • Interface: USB-C, TF Card
Pros High precision Fast engraving speed Versatile material compatibility
Cons Requires careful setup Limited to smaller projects Higher power consumption

Who Is It For?

Considering all the factors discussed above, the Creality Falcon2 40W is the ideal choice of laser engraver for individuals who value precision. Specifically, this engraver suits artists and crafters as well as small business owners.

The need the engraver to come up with detailed and complicated designs. The high precision on the machine will ensure that you achieve even the most complex patterns with a high level of detail and elegance that the target demographic appreciates.

Furthermore, the high speed at which this machine engraves makes it perfect for an environment where one would be dealing with small scale production. The engraver can be used on different materials such as wood, acrylics, leather, and papers.

Therefore, it offers a wide range for creativity, which makes it the perfect tool for anyone who wants to expand their crafting creativity. Small business owners can provide a wide range of products using this laser cutter.

In conclusion, the Creality Falcon2 40W is the laser engraver that best marries precision with speed and the ability to diversify the items one can create. Therefore, a seasoned laser engraver or an enthusiastic hobbyist should consider this machine for a professional touch but also fun.

Best For Accessories: IKier K1 Ultra 36W

When it comes to accessories, the IKier K1 Ultra 36W is the best option in the laser engraver market. After all, such equipment is more than just its engraving. Its about an entire ecosystem that gives space to Your workshop.

The powerful 36W laser recommended for hobbyists and professionals who value the accuracy and expandability of the machine. The IKier K1 Ultra also has a wide selection of matched accessories. This makes the device a multi-functional tool that is suitable even for many other applications.


  • Laser Power: 36W
  • Engraving Speed: Up to 800mm/s
  • Motorized Z-axis: For precise control
  • Auto Sinking Cutting: Enhances cutting efficiency
  • Product Dimensions: 29.92 x 25.59 x 8.65 inches
  • Item Weight: 36.5 pounds
  • Smart Auto Focus: For consistent engraving quality
  • Automatic Sinking: During cutting for improved results
Pros High-Speed Engraving Versatile Accessory Range Advanced Safety Features
Cons Weight Complex Setup Size

Who Is It For?

In summary, the high flexibility and creative potential of the IKier K1 Ultra 36W make it a perfect choice for anyone looking for more than just a basic laser engraver. This tool is best suited to enthusiastic hobbyists and small business owners needing a reliable and versatile tool.

The laser IKier K1 Ultra completely satisfies this requirement. It is appropriately complemented by accessories and can be used for high-speed engraving in the case of custom designs or small-scale production.

The advanced aspects of the device, such as the smart auto-focus and the motorized Z-axis, make it very straightforward to use. Its intricacy may discourage beginners to begin with, but the prospects it opens up will soon outweigh these factors.

Therefore, suppose you are looking for a high-precision, flexible, and creatively inspiring laser engraver. In that case, IKier K1 Ultra 36W should definitely be on your list.

Best For Upgrades: Ortur LM3

The Ortur LM3 is the best option when it comes to upgrading in the laser engraver sector. It features a fast engraving process and comes with an extensive engraving area. It covers both novice and professional users.

Specifically, the model was designed product positioning was based on an upgrade path. As a result, a model is an excellent choice for someone progression who wishes to improve his machine as a better operator and wanting more.

Close-up of the Ortur LM3, highlighted as a engraver for its advanced features and user-friendly interface.


  • Output Power: True 10W
  • Engraving Area: 400*400mm
  • Engraving Speed: 20000mm/min
  • Machine Size: 641625150mm
  • Spot Size: 0.05*0.1mm
Pros High engraving speed Large engraving area Upgradable design
Cons Requires assembly Limited to 10W power Open frame design

Who Is It For?

It combines high engraving speed and a large area, making it a perfect choice for projects that require both precision and efficiency. With its true 10W power, this machine offers more than enough capability for many materials, making it well-suited for various engraving applications.

Moreover, this engraver offers an easy entry point for beginners, without being overly complex. With enhanced flexibility and an easy learning curve, the Ortur LM3 supports upgrades as users get more experienced.

Therefore, it is a wise choice for long-term use, at least until one becomes an experienced professional in laser engraving. Hence, Ortur LM3 is the optimal engraver choice for users who prioritize flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in their projects or startups.

This engraver can scale along with its user. Thus, those interested in laser engraving should consider the Ortur LM3 a reliable investment.

What Is a Laser Engraver?

A laser engraver and is a laser-powered design etcher on a variety of materials. It works similarly to a printer but uses light instead of ink. The emitted light burns or melts the substance, resulting in a complex image or script.

For the engraver, you should have exactness, flexibility, and it should be easier to use might prove beneficial in your search. Besides, it should also suit your project needs.

What Kind Of Materials Does A Laser Engraver Use?

The engraver has the ability to work with the following: A wood, acrylic, leather, glass and some other metals. Each material will respond differently, so the engraver settings may need a little fine tuning.

For example, softer materials, such as wood, engrave very easily. Harder materials, such as metal, may require more power or a special coating.

Is Investing In The engraver Worth It?

Sure! If you get a kick out of DIY projects, enjoy creating customized gifts, or have taken an interest in establishing a small venture, the engraving tool will become your best friend.

With this device, you will be able to produce sophisticated personalized patterns on almost any material. It is a gadget that not only opens up limitless creative prospects but can also serve as a lucrative source of income.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got a Laser Engraver?

  • Material Matters: Not all engravers work with every material. Know what the most commonly used material for engravings you are going to use.
  • Safety First: Understand safety features. Laser engraving involves high heat and potentially harmful fumes.
  • Software Compatibility: Check if the engraver’s software is compatible with your computer or design software.
  • Maintenance Needs: Regular cleaning and part replacement is necessary to keep your Best Laser Engraver in top shape.
  • Learning Curve: Be prepared for a learning period. Mastering laser engraving takes practice and patience.

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