An assortment of smart outlets including a TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip and a Govee Dual Smart Plug alongside an outdoor smart plug, all part of the best smart outlets collection for a modern, tech-savvy space. The image showcases the variety and versatility of smart plugs for indoor and outdoor use.

5 Best Smart Outlets in 2024: For Easy Home Automation

Upgrade your home with smart technology can be both exciting and overwhelming. As you begin to explore the world of smart home devices, one essential gadget to consider is the smart outlet.

These innovative devices transform traditional outlets into smart ones, allowing you to control your appliances and devices remotely via smartphone apps or voice commands through smart assistants like Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri.

The best smart outlets not only offer convenience but also help in managing energy consumption more efficiently, making them a smart choice for those looking to enhance their home’s intelligence. Choosing the best smart outlets requires understanding the compatibility with your existing smart home ecosystem, the ease of installation, and the functionalities they offer.

Whether you are looking to automate your lamps, coffee makers, or any other appliance, a smart outlet can provide the flexibility and control you seek. With safety features, energy monitoring capabilities, and the ability to set schedules or routines, the right smart outlet can significantly contribute to a smarter, more efficient home.

As you dive into the world of smart home automation, remember that the best smart outlets are those that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, offering the right balance of features, compatibility, and price. This introduction aims to guide you through the basics of smart outlets, helping you make an informed decision as you start your smart home journey.

Our Top Picks

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Best Price$22
TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25)
TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300)
Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A
Kasa Apple HomeKit Outdoor Smart Plug
Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack

Discover the best smart outlets for your home with the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25). Perfect for those seeking convenience and energy efficiency, this compact device not only lets you control your home appliances from anywhere but also offers detailed energy monitoring to help cut down on power bills.

TP-Link's Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25) seamlessly integrates with best smart outlets, offering voice control and scheduling features.


  • Network Compatibility: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, ensuring reliable connectivity.
  • Wi-Fi Frequency: 2.4 GHz, offering broad compatibility with home Wi-Fi networks.
  • System Requirements: Compatible with iOS 10.0 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher.
  • Safety Certifications: UL certified, with RoHS and FCC compliance for peace of mind.
  • Operating Conditions: Designed to function between 0 ºC ~ 40 ºC (32°F ~ 104°F) and 5%~90% RH, non-condensing.
  • Dimensions: Compact size at 2.61 x 1.49 x 1.57 inches (66.5 x 38 x 40 mm), without pins.
  • Material: Built with UL94-V0 flame retardant PC, enhancing safety.
  • Maximum Load: Can handle appliances up to 15 A, 1.8 KW for 120 V, suitable for most household needs.
Pros Energy Monitoring Compact Design Voice Control
Cons 2.4 GHz Only Manual Reset Required Limited Operating Temp

Who Is It For?

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Slim (EP25) is an ideal choice for individuals or families looking to make their homes smarter and more energy-efficient. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast eager to control your devices remotely or an environmental advocate keen on reducing energy consumption, this smart plug meets your needs.

Its energy monitoring feature is perfect for anyone looking to cut down on electricity bills by identifying power-hungry devices. With its compact design, it’s especially suited for homes with limited outlet space, ensuring you can use multiple devices without hassle.

The voice control functionality makes it a great addition for those who love the convenience of managing their home through Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri, making it one of the best smart outlets for a connected, efficient home​​​​.

Dive into the future of home automation with the TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300), the best smart outlets for seamlessly controlling multiple devices. This intelligent power strip not only simplifies your life by making any plugged-in device smart but also offers unparalleled control and convenience, right at your fingertips.

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300) is a comprehensive solution for best smart outlets, featuring multiple outlets and USB ports for device charging.


  • Wi-Fi Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, ensuring broad compatibility and easy integration into your existing Wi-Fi network.
  • Dimensions: 14.17 x 2.49 x 1.48 inches, a compact size that fits neatly in any space.
  • Weight: 1.55 lb, lightweight and portable for use in different settings.
  • Input/Output: 100-125V~, 60Hz, 15A / 15A 1875W maximum load, suitable for various electronic devices.
  • Surge Protection: ETL certified, providing peace of mind by protecting connected devices from sudden power surges.
  • Energy Monitoring: Track power consumption of connected devices directly from the Kasa Smart app.
  • Voice Control Compatibility: Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Microsoft Cortana for hands-free control.
  • USB Ports: 3 USB ports for charging additional devices without using an outlet​​​​.
Pros Energy Monitoring Voice Control Surge Protection
Cons No Dual-Band Indoor Use Only Limited to 2.4GHz

Who Is It For?

The TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (HS300) is a game-changer for anyone looking to elevate their smart home or office setup. It’s especially suited for tech enthusiasts, busy professionals, or families who demand the best smart outlets for managing multiple devices with ease.

Whether you’re looking to control lighting, secure devices against power surges, or save on energy bills through detailed monitoring, the HS300 has you covered. Its voice control capabilities make it a perfect match for users who love the convenience of using Alexa or Google Assistant to manage their devices.

Moreover, its surge protection and energy monitoring features offer an added layer of security and efficiency, making it an excellent choice for environmentally conscious individuals who are keen on reducing their carbon footprint.

Best Compact: Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A

Dive into the world of convenience with the Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A, a marvel in the realm of best smart outlets. This tiny powerhouse enables you to control your devices from anywhere, ensuring your home adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly.

The compact Kasa Smart Plug Mini, 15A by TP-Link, designed for best smart outlets, allows for remote access and control of your appliances.


  • Network Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Wireless Type: 2.4GHz, 1T1R
  • System Requirements: Android 5.0 or higher, iOS 10.0 or higher
  • Certification: RoHS, FCC, IC, UL
  • Dimensions: 2.61 x 1.49 x 1.57 inches
  • Material: PC, UL-94 V0 Flame retardant
  • Maximum Load: 15A
  • Maximum Power: 1800W (General Use, Resistive Load)
Pros Compact Design Voice Control No Hub Required
Cons 2.4GHz Only No Energy Monitoring Limited Scheduling

Who Is It For?

The Kasa Smart Plug Mini 15A is the perfect gadget for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of smart homes without being overwhelmed. It’s especially suitable for those who value simplicity and efficiency in their tech.

Whether you’re a busy professional who wants to come home to a well-lit house or a parent who needs to manage devices in multiple rooms easily, this smart plug has got you covered. Its compact design ensures it fits snugly in any outlet without blocking adjacent sockets, making it a discreet addition to your home.

With voice control capabilities and no need for a separate hub, it seamlessly integrates into the life of anyone looking for the best smart outlets to make their home smarter and their life easier.

Best for Apple: Kasa Apple HomeKit Outdoor Smart Plug

For anyone looking to enhance their outdoor living with the best smart outlets, the Kasa Apple HomeKit Outdoor Smart Plug stands out. This rugged and versatile plug integrates seamlessly with Apple HomeKit, allowing control through Siri for a hands-free experience. Its weather-resistant design ensures durability, making it perfect for all your outdoor needs.

The Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug is weather-resistant, works with Apple HomeKit, and is an ideal choice for best smart outlets for outdoor use.


  • Wi-Fi Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth (for setup only)
  • Weatherproof Rating: IP64
  • Dimensions: 4.3 × 1.5 × 3.2 in
  • Material: PC (V-0, UL 94), Flame-retardant
  • Maximum Load: 15A, 1875W, 1/2 HP Motor
  • Compatibility: Apple Home, Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings
  • Operating Temperature: -4℉ ~ 122℉
  • No Hub Required for operation​​.
Pros Weatherproof Dual Outlet Control Long Wi-Fi Range
Cons Bluetooth Setup Only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi Only Limited Compatibility

Who Is It For?

The Kasa Apple HomeKit Outdoor Smart Plug is a must-have for Apple enthusiasts seeking the best smart outlets to streamline their outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re looking to control lighting for backyard parties, manage holiday decorations, or power tools during your DIY projects, this smart plug offers convenience at your fingertips.

Its integration with Siri allows for voice control, making it perfect for users who enjoy the seamless integration of their smart devices with the Apple ecosystem. The dual outlets with individual control add to its versatility, allowing you to manage two devices independently from anywhere.

Its weatherproof design ensures it can withstand the elements, making it an ideal choice for outdoor environments. If you’re after a reliable, easy-to-use smart outlet that enhances your smart home’s functionality while being robust enough for outdoor use, this is the smart plug for you​​​​.

Best Affordable: Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack

For those exploring the best smart outlets that combine affordability with advanced features, the Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack emerges as a standout choice. This product simplifies the control of your home devices, ensuring a blend of convenience and efficiency at an unbeatable price point.

4-pack of Govee Dual Smart Plugs, compatible with best smart outlets, with a smartphone displaying temperature and humidity readings from a sensor.


  • Product Dimensions: 3.94 x 2.96 x 2.32 inches, ensuring it doesn’t obstruct adjacent outlets.
  • Item Weight: 5.93 ounces, making it lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Number of Outlets: 4, doubling the utility of standard outlets.
  • Plug Type: Standard US, ensuring compatibility with most household devices.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Alexa and Google Assistant for hands-free control.
  • Certifications: FCC and ETL, affirming its safety and reliability.
  • Control Interface: Govee Home App, offering remote access via WiFi and Bluetooth.
  • Design: Compact 2-in-1, maximizing space by covering only a single outlet in a vertical outlet fixture.
Pros Compact Design Remote Access Energy Saving
Cons 2.4GHz WiFi Only App Registration Required No 5G Support

Who Is It For?

The Govee Dual Smart Plug 4 Pack is ideal for a wide array of users, from tech enthusiasts seeking to streamline their home automation, to busy professionals aiming for efficiency and energy savings, to families looking for an easy and affordable way to upgrade their living spaces.

Its compatibility with major voice assistants and the Govee Home App allows for effortless control of appliances and devices, making it a perfect match for anyone looking to enhance their home with smart technology.

The product’s ability to manage energy usage through custom schedules and timers not only offers convenience but also contributes to reduced utility bills, positioning it among the best smart outlets for users prioritizing both function and financial savvy​​​​.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Smart Outlet?

Before purchasing a Smart Outlet, it’s essential to consider the following: Testing the app for ease of use, researching potential firmware updates and their impact on device compatibility, understanding the installation requirements (especially important for renters), accepting the higher cost of smart devices compared to their non-smart counterparts, and ensuring compatibility with your existing and future smart home ecosystem for seamless integration and functionality. These factors can greatly influence your satisfaction and experience with the product​​.

What is Surge Protector Outlet?

A Surge Protector Outlet is a device designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes in your home’s power supply. These devices work by diverting excess voltage to the ground, thus preventing it from reaching and potentially damaging connected devices.

Surge protectors come in various forms, including power strips, whole-house surge protectors, and outlet adapters. They’re rated based on their ability to absorb energy (measured in joules), clamping voltage, and response time to surges.

For smart outlet buyers, it’s essential to choose surge protectors that offer comprehensive protection for all types of devices, including those with high energy demands. Look for features such as UL 1449 certification, low clamping voltage (400 volts or less), high joule rating (above 600 for longevity), and protection for all lines (hot, neutral, and ground).

Additional features like energy-saving designs, safety covers, and indicators for protection status can also enhance convenience and safety. Investing in a quality surge protector can safeguard your valuable electronics, including smart outlets, from unpredictable voltage fluctuations and surges

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