A lineup of high-performance GPS watches for trail running, including the Suunto 9 Baro, set against a backdrop of running gear, showcasing versatility and style.

Best GPS Watches for Trail Running in 2024

Choosing the best GPS watch to go through the trail running when you are starting out, gives you a better experience and a drive.

The GPS tracker ideal for trail running is the one that featurefulness and is built up of sturdy, high quality material to enhance the sportsman’s confidence running through the trail. Garmin and Coros companies offer high quality watches.

The corosapp and the Garmin runners app allow linking the phone and do recording utilizing your training and the status of your body. These further help you to develop your running skills and access significant information easily.

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Our Top Picks

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Best Price$150
Garmin Fenix 7
Forerunner 55
Polar Grit X Pro
Garmin Enduro 2
Coros Pace 2
Suunto 9 Baro

Best GPS Running Watch Overall: Garmin Fenix 7

Introducing the Garmin Fenix 7, your match for outdoor fans living on the edge. The Fenix 7 with its professional appearance and tough capability is the greatest in sophisticated and out of phylum watch for daring individuals who never back down.

Get a watch that can complement and challenge your mission for adventure while utilizing the most advanced in precision, sturdiness, and skills to help you investigate the world.

The Garmin Fenix 7 stands out as the best GPS watch for trail running, offering unparalleled features encased in a rugged, sophisticated design.


  • Display Type: Sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
  • Weight: 73g for Sapphire Solar model
  • Water Rating: 10 ATM
  • Battery Life: Up to several weeks, depending on mode
  • GPS: Multi-band GNSS with dual-frequency support (Sapphire models)
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Elevate Gen 4 technology
  • Storage: Up to 32GB (Sapphire models)
  • Health Tracking: Sleep, stress, and blood oxygen levels​ (DC Rainmaker)​​ (Expert Reviews)​​ (the5krunner • tri bike run)​
Pros Solar Charging Multi-band GNSS Elevate HR sensor
Cons No native running power No smart fueling advisor Limited Garmin Pay

Who Is It For?

The Garmin Fenix 7 is ideal for outdoor lovers and athletes who want to take more from the world around them. Like the trail runner who passionately pursues the summit, the cyclist who unexplores the route, or the swimmer who ventures to explore depths.

This watch is powered by cutting-edge tracking, sturdiness, and sunrays, made for the lengthy excursion when reliable performance is paramount.

From a range of sports apps to health monitoring and navigation structures, it is the finest instrument for persons driven to outdo themselves every day. Push boundaries further, train harder, and live the adventure with Garmin Fenix 7.

Best Entry-Level GPS Running Watch: Forerunner 55

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Forerunner 55 – Garmin’s entry in the GPS running watch realm. Built for beginners, yet stocked with sophisticated features, this watch is the real deal.

The Forerunner 55 is here to take your run to the next level, from runs around the neighborhood to your first 5K. Your best running buddy logs every step and heartbeat, yet, it also keeps you in touch and lifts your spirits.

The Garmin Forerunner 55 in turquoise, a top contender for the best GPS watch for trail running, offers a user-friendly interface and robust features.


  • Battery Life: Up to 2 weeks in smartwatch mode
  • Water Resistance: Swim-proof, 50 meters
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Elevate V3 sensor, continuous tracking
  • GPS Tracking: Accurate distance, pace, and location
  • Smart Notifications: Receive emails, texts, and alerts
  • Custom Workouts: Create personalized training plans
  • Safety Features: Incident detection and assistance alerts
  • Activity Tracking: Beyond running, track cycling, swimming, yoga
Pros Extensive Battery Life Swim-Proof Design Smart Coaching
Cons No Blood Oxygen Basic Sleep Tracking No On-Device Maps

Who Is It For?

No need for a coach on your runs when you can have one on your wrist. Ideal for ambitious beginners looking to find out what an emerging star they are and intermediate runners seeking to refine their performance.

If you prefer actionable observations and don’t want to be overburdened with extraneous information and data, you’ll like to have this watch.

It combines critical health dimensions with smart capabilities to provide information while keeping you informed, inspired, and linked where your feet take you.

Perseverance, adaptability, and an incredibly intuitive interface make the Forerunner 55 the ideal buddy to help you reach your running objectives.

It is an investment not only in your wellbeing but also in your enthusiasm and path to your highest personal achievements.

Best for Advanced Training: Polar Grit X Pro

Access high-level training with the Polar Grit X Pro tough blends style and productivity for those seeking a long-lasting and accurate companion for their runs and cross-training.

This strong timepiece is slim and sleek, with a wealth of advanced fitness features that are ideal for athletes who want to take their training to the next level.

Embrace the wild with the Polar Grit X Pro, the best GPS watch for trail running, designed for durability and precision in the most challenging terrains.


  • Weight: 79g, making it comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Display: 1.2 inch color touch display with a 240×240 resolution, providing clear visuals in various lighting conditions.
  • Battery Life: Up to 40 hours in full GPS mode, ensuring long-lasting performance during extended workouts.
  • Water Resistance: WR100 rating, allowing for use in water up to 100 meters deep.
  • Satellite Support: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS for accurate tracking anywhere on the globe.
  • Heart Rate Sensor: Precision Prime sensor technology for reliable heart rate monitoring.
  • Band Material: Includes both a leather and a rubber band, suitable for sports and daily wear.
  • Sports Modes: Extensive support with specific modes for a wide range of activities.
Pros Extended Battery Life Accurate Heart Rate Multiple Sports Modes
Cons Touchscreen Responsiveness Complex Data Management Premium Price

Who Is It For?

Dedicated athletes that enjoy the wilderness and do not allow any conditions to ruin their training routine would adore the Polar Grit X Pro.

Trail runners, mountain bikers, and triathletes will appreciate the Grit X Pro’s durability, precision, and abundance of opportunities to read their performance, rest, and plan the next challenge.

Unrivaled battery performance ensures that you can go further and more in-depth and the premium sports modes and satellite support guarantee that you can conquer any landscape.

The Polar Grit X Pro is special not simply due to its fantastic capabilities but due to the trust it encourages for your pursuit of excellence.

Best for Ultra-Endurance: Garmin Enduro 2

Introducing the Garmin Enduro 2, the epitome of Endurance. Boasting unrivaled functionalities, this watch is a trailblazer for ultra runners and radical sports lovers.

The robustness and innovative nature of this watch guarantee unparalleled dependability, particularly for people who dare go further. It is not just a device; rather, it changes the game for athletes wanting to capitalize on their experience and venture into new orbits.

Designed for the long haul, the Garmin Enduro 2 is a prime choice for the best GPS watch for trail running, with a battery life that outlasts the competition.


  • Battery Life: Up to 150 hours with GPS, extending to 46 days in smartwatch mode thanks to solar charging.
  • Display: 1.4-inch always-on color screen, with sunlight-readable enhancements and sapphire lens glass.
  • Weight: Lightweight with a comfortable nylon strap, ensuring comfort over long distances.
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth and ANT+ for seamless integration with third-party devices and apps.
  • Navigation: Advanced GPS with multi-band support and topo maps for accurate trail navigation.
  • Health Tracking: Elevate V4 optical heart rate sensor, SpO2 pulse oximeter for blood oxygen monitoring.
  • Memory: 32GB for extensive workout history storage.
  • Waterproof: Up to 100 meters, suitable for swimming and triathlons.
Pros Extended Battery Life Multi-band GPS Solar Charging
Cons High Price Tag Limited Memory Reduction No AMOLED Display

Who Is It For?

Born for the thrill of adventure, Garmin Enduro 2 is designed for the ultramarathoner, trail adventurer, and trekker.

If you’re gearing up for a long run, setting out solo on a multisport journey, or simply exceeding your threshold in the wild, Enduro 2 has your back. With this watch, you can enjoy some of the best technology available.

This includes a premium battery and navigation features, making it suitable for the most demanding long distance runners, endurance athletes, and explorers.

And, for outdoor and trail runners, performance monitoring, and health functions make this gadget a great choice for athletes who want to take their training and recovery optimization to the next level.

Simply put, it’s a watch designed for people who look at the world as a place with no limits.

Best Lightweight GPS Running Watch: Coros Pace 2

Say hello to the Coros Pace 2. A watch so light you hardly feel it but so in tune with what you need while on the run. It combines a fusion of endurance, modern technology, and a simple design into one sleek piece.

Whether running a mile a day, your upcoming triathlon, or clocking your daily operations, this watch makes your overall experience better. It’s the epic sidekick you never knew you wanted, but now you’ll never run without it.

The Coros Pace 2 showcases a sleek black design, optimized as the best GPS watch for trail running with its clear display and durable strap.


  • Weight: Just 29g with a nylon band, making it feather-light on your wrist.
  • Display: A clear 1.2-inch always-on memory LCD display.
  • Battery Life: Up to 20 days in regular mode and 30 hours with GPS.
  • Waterproof: Swim-ready with 5ATM water resistance.
  • Sports Modes: Over 200 preloaded exercises and multisport tracking.
  • Night Mode: For easy viewing in low light without draining the battery.
  • Custom Workouts: Download and create workouts via the Coros app.
  • Connectivity: Keeps you in the loop with notifications directly from your phone​ (Geeky Wrist)​.
Pros Ultra-Lightweight Long Battery Life Multisport Tracking
Cons No Loudspeaker No Music Storage Limited Smart Features

Who Is It For?

If you want a simple, efficient, and accurate option, the Coros Pace 2 is meant for your workout.

If you swim, you will find its water resistance handy; if you run, you will appreciate how much detail it packs in a non-bulky weight; if you cycle, its battery will last you through long distances, and all its features weigh you down less.

Best for Outdoor Navigation: Suunto 9 Baro

Find the greatness of the outdoors with the Suunto 9 Baro. This watch is adapted for the personas who need accuracy and durability when exploring the wilderness.

It brings the best technologies into a sturdy shell. Suunto 9 Baro is custom-made for persons who want to raise the bar of outdoor life.

The Suunto 9 Baro GPS watch, ideal for trail running, boasts a bold black design with a distinctive red-accented display highlighting its advanced features.


  • Battery Life: Up to 120 hours with GPS
  • Water Resistance: 100 meters
  • Weight: 81 grams
  • Display: Touchscreen, high-resolution
  • Material: Stainless steel bezel, sapphire crystal glass
  • GPS: FusedTrack™ for improved track and distance accuracy
  • Heart Rate: Wrist-based monitoring
  • Altimeter: Barometric, for precise altitude information
Pros Extended Battery Life FusedTrack Accuracy Robust Design
Cons Complex Interface Limited Custom Workouts Slow Response Time

Who Is It For?

To summarize, the Suunto 9 Baro is the perfect companion for anyone passionate about the outdoors and athletics who want their equipment to keep up.

Whether you’re running wild, free, and under the sky, dipping into the sea, or climbing to new summits, this watch has your back.

The extended battery life keeps you on track, while the durable design ensures you can survive whatever elements come your way.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The gps watch?

  1. Accuracy Variances: Some GPS watches have low variances concerning accuracy. Most users, especially in geographical areas containing high buildings or where the presence of trees is large, however, feel that the watch always “goes in and out,” in this case, the measuring powers are reversed.
  2. Battery Life: The battery life is much shorter than expected, with maximal use of all functions for hours without breaks in GPS tracking and continuous heart measurement.
  3. Complexity of Features: some gadgets seem to overwhelm a user with too many features . A less complex model would have saved one’s money.
  4. Comfort and Size: The watch appears bulkier or is less comfortable in terms of daily wear.

What does a GPS watch do?

A GPS watch is a must have for any outdoor enthusiast, most importantly the trail runners who would want to get the best gear for their adventure. These watches come with numerous functionalities geared towards revolutionizing an individual’s running experience.

For example, watches such as the COROS APEX 2 provides an accurate GPS, extended battery life, and numerous other features. While they are perfect in tracking one’s trail and recording the progress, they come with topographical maps a pilot of activities and can record more than ten activities.

Additionally, a remarkable choice of watches is the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, known for the longest lasting battery compared to all other Garmin watches. It further provides more screens and bolder displays for an easy read and the latest technology in determining the heart and oxygen rate.

These watches are important in the tracking and preparation of trails while monitoring the most important health factors such as the heart rate, and the blood oxygen levels, which are essential for high altitudes.

The choice of the best GPS watch must have features that are essential to the requirement of a sport, such as prolonged battery longevity for marathons and durability to tackle the outdoor and untamed environment.

For example, the Garmin Forerunner 955 watch that has a solar battery, which ranks this watch at the top compared to others. These watches offer the runners the user’s confidence and assure of continuous guidance throughout the running process.

Should I get a GPS watch for running?

An additional item that is more suitable for the best runners is to get a GPS watch for running such as Garmin Forerunner and Coros Pace 3. Running watches are more for tracking your skill and enhancing your training.

They have many features, including accurate heart rate trackers, a long battery life, and performance metrics tailored specifically to running. Running can be done various age groups and multiple activities. Then, choose the best style watch that suits you and your routine.

What is the difference between a GPS watch and a smartwatch?

Ideal for athletes who are looking to track pace, distance, and other performance metrics, GPS watches are models like the Garmin Forerunner and Coros that provide accurate location and movement data.

These models will generally include additional features that extend battery life so you can reliably track your runs for longer periods of time, and they’re usually made to withstand tough conditions.

These are watches designed more to be worn around town than in the field. They’re usually more attractive and have a more interactive user interface, but they’re also not as functional or durable.

Do GPS watches need internet?

First, a GPS watch does not need the internet to function. It connects to a series of satellites that travel in real time around the earth. To locate you, the watch collects radio frequencies from different satellites to triangulate your correct position.

As an outdoorsy person, the best GPS watch for trail running will be of extreme benefit. Normal GPS watches depend on the availability of the internet to keep tabs on their user’s movement and location.

However, with the watch depending on satellite data, one does not need the internet. This way, you are assured of staying on course even in the most remote area.

Why do runners use Garmin watches?

Thanks to their unparalleled precision in GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring, Garmin watches are the go-to for runners who wish to improve and gain a significant competitive edge.

Arguably, the best GPS watch for trail running in the game is the Garmin Fenix 7 due to unmatched solar charging and battery lifespan, facilitating longer and more extended trail excursions.

It is the perfect watch for serious trail runners since its design and qualities suit the major needs, delivering an unmatched performance-tracking and navigational application.

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