This collage showcases the best smart scales, including the Eufy Smart Scale and the Etekcity Digital Scale, illustrating their ease of use and the smart features that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The 6 Best Smart Scales of 2024

Always remember to look at the smart scales as more than just gadgets that indicate the user’s weight. These smart scales help you enjoy a holistic view of your health. Remember to look at the type of connectivity that the smart scales offer.

Additionally, consider whether or not the scales can connect to your other health applications. Finally, check to see how many other health metrics the smart scales can measure. Some also have various user profiles, which make them very helpful for a family.

Ultimately, the smart scales are not just about weight: they are more about your overall health. They will also help you make informed decisions about your fitness journey. Therefore, always remember to keep your health goals in check.

Our Top Picks

Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2
Eufy Smart Scale C1
Withings Body+
Withings Body Cardio
Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro
Wyze Scale X (US only)

Best Overall: Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is the Best Overall smart scale. This unit combines advanced features and user-friendly design. It is a high-precision tool developed to meet a variety of health tracking requirements.

With elegant appearance and in-depth analysis of health data, this option is the most suitable for everyone willing to obtain precise and comfortable body composition measurements.

Track your fitness journey with the Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2, offering a sleek white design with a user-friendly interface for all your health metrics.


  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 25 mm
  • Material: Reinforced glass + ABS engineering plastic
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Measurement Range: 100 g to 150 kg
  • Minimum Scale Division: 50 g
  • Wireless Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Power Supply: 4×1.5 V AAA batteries
  • Device Requirements: Android 4.4 / iOS 9.0 or above, Bluetooth 4.0 or above
  • Weighing Units: Jin/kg / lb
Pros Comprehensive Health Data High Precision Measurements Sleek, Durable Design
Cons Limited Temperature Range Battery Dependent Requires Compatible Device

Who Is It For?

The Xiaomi Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is an excellent choice for a wide range of users, not limited on health concerns. As such, it is best suited for health-conscious individuals who may wish to monitor their health indicators like body weight, fat, and muscle percentage.

It is also ideal for those who work out regularly and who may need to monitor their gains or losses keenly. For families, Mi Body Composition Scale 2 is the perfect tool because it has multiple profiles saved.

These features, coupled with the ability to connect to health apps, make Mi Body Composition Scale 2 one of the best smart scales to choose. Furthermore, the slim, modern scale’s design enables it to fit in any apartment while guaranteeing durability.

Best Affordable: Eufy Smart Scale C1

The award for the best affordable smart scale goes to Eufy Smart Scale C1. This device is a perfect balance between cutting-edge power and user-friendliness.

It measures you in 12 different ways, guaranteeing a detailed picture of your fitness routine. Its elegant form, intuitive interface, and compatibility with the most popular health apps make this device ideal for thrifty fitness buffs.

Experience seamless health tracking with the Eufy Smart Scale C1, featuring a sleek dark blue glass top and easy-to-read display.


  • Dimension: 280 x 280 x 23 mm
  • Radio-Frequency Power: 4 dBm
  • Operating Frequency Range: 2402 – 2480 MHz
  • Measurement Range: 5kg to 180kg
  • Muscle Mass Unit Increments: 0.1%
  • Body Water Unit Increments: 0.1%
  • Body Fat Unit Increments: 0.1%
  • Measurement Units: Pound / Kilogram
  • Power Source: 4.5 V (3 x AAA batteries)
Pros Cost-Effective User-Friendly Comprehensive Measurements
Cons Limited Features Basic Design No Wi-Fi Connectivity

Who Is It For?

The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is perfect for people and families. It is affordable and accurate to keep an eye on health and fitness chart. It is best for beginners who want to experience smart scale, easy to use and without any fancy requirement.

In addition, the scale provides 12 health measurements. Finally, for those who want to measure weight, body fat, muscle mass and many other, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is the best option.

Moreover, it works with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit. If you have a fitness routine already, then the scale is easy to maintain the existing workout experience. The Eufy Smart Scale C1 is also perfect for families, a scale that can measure up to 16 users health trends and recognizes each user automatically.

Many families have a lot of interested people in maintaining their health and fitness. As per the above, the Eufy Smart Scale C1 is one of those smart scales and offers a better balance between function, ease of use, and affordability.

Best Premium: Withings Body+

Withings Body+ ranks as the most premium smart scale. Best Premium as it is also referred to, is exemplified by top-notch technology and high levels of precision. This scale gives a holistic approach to body composition, which entails weight, body fat, percentage of muscle mass, and water.

What sets it apart is the highly accurate measure for the metrics, well-organized app, and easy usage. This scale is perfect for one who values quality and keen health details.

The Withings Body+ scale combines modern design with advanced health tracking, featuring a unique silver detailing on a dark blue background.


  • High Precision Measurements: Accurately tracks weight, body fat, and muscle mass.
  • Full Body Composition Analysis: Provides detailed insights into body fat, water percentage, and bone mass.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity: Ensures easy data syncing with health apps.
  • Multi-User Recognition: Automatically recognizes different users.
  • Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Mode: Offers specialized features for expecting mothers and baby weight tracking.
  • Nutrition Tracking: Integrates with dietary tracking for comprehensive health management.
  • Weather Forecast: Displays daily weather on the scale screen.
  • Compatible with Health Apps: Syncs with popular health apps for a holistic view of health.
Pros Precision Technology Comprehensive Analysis User-Friendly Interface
Cons Higher Price Point Complex Setup for Some Occasional Sync Issues

Who Is It For?

The Withings Body+ is a perfect fit for high involvement people in their health and wellness journey. It is suitable for fitness and weight management enthusiasts or health conscious people . Besides tracking mere weight, this smart scale provides elaborate insights.

The high-precision and detailed examination of the scale make it valuable. People who require precise body composition information use it for their fitness or dietary plan. Besides, its easy to use dashboard and multi user identification make it favorable for families.

It meets the needs of everyone in your house, including pregnant women and babies. The Withings Body+ is more than a scale; it is your health buddy. It is an ideal solution for anyone committed to enjoying a healthier lifestyle. This smart scale has established itself as a market leader due to accuracy, flexibility, and user-oriented design.

Smart Scale for Fitness: Withings Body Cardio

The Withings Body Cardio smart scale is my top pick for the Best for Fitness category because it is an advanced scale with a wide range of features and high precision.

The scale keeps track of your weight, body composition, such as fat and muscle mass, and cardiovascular health. Such a scale is suitable for people looking after their health. This device is an excellent combination of innovative technology and health management.

Monitor your wellness with the Withings Body Cardio, offering detailed body composition and heart rate measurements on a crisp white and grey scale.


  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Ensures seamless data syncing with the Withings App.
  • Body Composition Analysis: Measures fat mass, muscle mass, water mass, and bone mass.
  • Cardiovascular Health Monitoring: Includes heart rate and Pulse Wave Velocity tracking.
  • Battery Life: Up to 18 months, minimizing the need for frequent charging.
  • Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 12.8 x 0.7 inches; Weight: 5.7 pounds.
  • Vascular Age Measurement: Provides insights into cardiovascular health.
  • Multi-User Support: Can recognize and record data for multiple users.
Pros Advanced Health Metrics Long Battery Life Multi-User Recognition
Cons Higher Price Point Complex Setup for Some Occasional Sync Issues

Who Is It For?

The Withings Body Cardio is the right scale for fitness enthusiasts, health enthusiasts and even families. It offers a complete health monitoring solution. It can monitor more health metrics than any other smart scale, making it the right choice for people serious about their fitness journey.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a fitness novice, or someone tracking a vascular age, the Withings Body Cardio smart scale provides insights into your body composition and cardiovascular health. With a multi-user support and long battery life, it is the best option for families or a community living arrangement.

Withings Body Cardio smart scale can also measure your vascular age, offering another layer of insight into your health. It is suitable for all users determined to keep track of their health. It is accurate in measurements and can monitor as much health metrics as possible, making it one of the best in the market.

Best Comprehensive: Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro

The Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro is one of the best comprehensive smart scales. It combines the latest technological advancements with ease of use. This Smart Scale provides 16 in-depth measurements.

They range from weight to heart rate, body fat, and BMI, making up for a comprehensive health check. Additionally, its E- shape sensors and ITO coating technology ensure highly accurate and reliable readings. Therefore, one cannot go wrong with this pick.

With the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro, track your fitness progress with high accuracy on a modern black glass platform that syncs data to your device.


  • Product Size: 280 x 280 x 26 mm
  • Product Weight: 1.7kg
  • Waterproof: IPX5
  • ITO Coating: Yes
  • Measurements: Heart Rate, Weight, Body Fat, BMI, Muscle Mass, Bone Mass, Water, Protein, BMR, Visceral Fat, Body Fat Mass, Lean Body Mass, Body Age, Body Type, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Subcutaneous Fat
  • Weighing Range: 0.1 kg-180 kg
  • Unit Increments: 0.05kg
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity: Yes (2.4GHz only)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Yes
  • Battery: 4 x AAA
  • Compatible OS: iOS 10.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above
Pros Comprehensive Measurements High Precision User-Friendly Interface
Cons Limited Wi-Fi Band Higher Price Point Not for Professional Athletes

Who Is It For?

In conclusion, the Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro is a perfect choice as it suits families or individuals who are health and fitness-oriented. Due to the wide range of metrics it can measure, it should be branded as one of the smart scales. It is ideal for people who aim to get a detailed overview of their body composition. The scale has a user-friendly interface and can sync with other applications. Specifically, it is compatible with Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit applications, making it perfect to use while on the go or anytime.

An athlete may want to check her or his measurements similarly a person who is more concerned about health or a patient who needs to keep a close eye on their measurements. Apart from perfection, it is family-friendly considering its waterproof design and the ability to use unlimited users. It helps track the health of all members of the family. This Eufy Smart Scale P2 Pro is flawless, and I recommend it to everyone.

Best Budget: Wyze Scale X

Best Budget smart scale: Wyze Scale X. As the ideal combination of affordability and advanced functionality, Wyze Scale X measures 13 body composition metrics, appealing to users with various needs.

Moreover, this scale is developed with high-precision full-surface glass sensors, a 22-month battery lifespan, and can remember measurements of up to 8 users and can thus be used not only by individuals but also by entire families or roommates.

Stay informed about your health with the Wyze Scale X, showcasing a modern white design that measures more than just weight.


  • 13 Body Composition Metrics: Provides comprehensive health data.
  • Full-Surface Glass Sensors: Ensures accurate measurements.
  • 22 Months Battery Life: Exceptionally long-lasting performance.
  • Multi-User Capability: Supports up to 8 different users.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: For easy syncing with devices.
  • Instant Step-to-Wake: Quick start-up without delay.
  • Heart Rate Measurement: Integrated in the Wyze app.
  • Multiple Modes: Includes baby, pet, luggage, and pregnancy modes.
  • Compatible with Health Apps: Syncs with Apple Health, Fitbit, Google Fit.
Pros Cost-Effective: Highly affordable without compromising quality. Versatile Measurements: Offers unique modes like baby and pet weighing. User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use and sync with various apps.
Cons Limited Color Options: Fewer choices for personalization. US Availability Only: Not accessible globally. No Wi-Fi Connectivity: Relies solely on Bluetooth.

Who Is It For?

In conclusion, the Wyze Scale X is an option for such a wide scope of consumers. This equipment is excellent for smart scales, as they jealously steal no frills and are a good deal. It is a desirable purchase for healthy people and the kind of people who are into fitness.

Furthermore, multi-user and related functions for family members such as baby and pet weighing are ideal equipment for families. It is also easy to use in popular health applicationsized to Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google Fit.

Moreover, the Scale X features an easy-to-read design and the step-to-wake convenience to satisfy customers who prefer logical operation and immediate feedback. Overall, the Wyze Scale X is a good investment in expanding the possibilities of home monitoring. It is a versatile smart scale.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got a Smart Scale?

  • What is the smart scale?
  • A scale that can connect to your phone or tablet.
  • How does it work?
  • Smart scales send your weight and other information to an app on your phone using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You can see your weight.
  • What can it measure?
  • Smart scales measure body fat, muscle mass, and even the weather . is used to do this.
  • Is it easy to use?
  • Yes! Just step on the scale, and it will show you your results. The app on your phone will give you a history archive of your weight.

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