A sleek PS5 console setup with a controller, ready for action. Enhance this gaming experience with the best external hard drive for PS5 to expand your storage for endless gaming possibilities.

The Best External Hard Drive for PS5 in 2024

Determining the best external hard drive for PS5 is essential if you want to improve your gaming experience.

For this reason, you will need an expensive, which an external hard drive game drives offer. The PS5’s internal SSD has limited space. Therefore, any gamer would need to have an external hard drive.

In conclusion, you should consider storage size, transfer speeds, and easy use when selecting an external hard disk. This external hardware will enhance your gaming experience significantly. It allows you to have many games to store in the external hard disk.

Our Top Picks

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Best Price$60
Crucial X8
Samsung T7 Touch
WD Black P50
LaCie Rugged SSD Pro
Seagate Game Drive
WD Black D10

Best Overall: Crucial X8

The external hard drive is the Crucial X8 because of the fast performance and also the broadens selected storage option and the mixture providing users something that can make them have faster gear load times.

It is the simplest USB connection which makes it the best choice for gamers to enhance their PS5’s internal storage with that of an external.

The Crucial X8 Portable SSD boasts high-speed performance and durability, making it one of the best external hard drives for PS5, ensuring fast and reliable storage expansion for gamers.


  • Capacity: 1TB – 2TB
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen-2 (10Gb/s)
  • Dimensions: 110mm x 53mm x 11.5mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 97g
  • Sequential Read Speed: Up to 1050MB/s
  • Durability: Shock, vibration, and 7.5-foot drop resistant
Pros High-Speed Performance Compact and Durable Large Capacity Options
Cons Price Limited Color Options No Hardware Encryption

Who Is It For?

The Crucial X8 is an excellent option for PS5 gamers in search of quick load times and a wide range of storage space. It fits those with considerable numbers of PS5 games and need an external hard disc to pair with the console’s internal SSD.

Furthermore, it is an outdoor videodisc for people who travel. The device’s design guarantee the external game drives are secure and remain unshattered. Transfers on the device are mercenaries to the people who move games between the internal and external disk.

This implies that the Crucial X8 is also one of the top companies for the PlayStation 5’s outdoor videodisc. Additionally, when it comes to convenience, the sophisticated and simple design makes the option perfect for people who simply want to it to continue to be to grow.

Whether you’re a casual gamer with wearable games or a fan with a few hundred games or less, the Crucial X8 has you covered for an external disc for the PS5.

Best Compact: Samsung T7 Touch

The Samsung T7 Touch could be the external hard drive winner as it brilliantly unites size, performance, and security. This drive is more than a space saver.

It improves your PS4 game experience with quick transfer speeds and more storage by your side. It is your best friend for gaming PS4 games on PS5 due to its small size with power.

Featuring secure fingerprint access and swift transfer rates, the Samsung T7 Touch Portable SSD is recommended for PS5 gamers seeking the best external hard drive for both performance and security.


  • Interface: Compatible with USB 3.2 Gen2 (10 Gbps), backwards compatible
  • Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB (Available in Black and Silver)
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 1,050 MB/s
  • Weight: 58 g
Pros Compact Size High Transfer Speeds Large Capacity Options
Cons Price Limited Color Options No Thunderbolt Support

Who Is It For?

For the people that want both portability and performance as a PS5 external hard drive, Samsung T7 Touch is the perfect choice. It also has a unique and awesome design that will suit tastes.

When traveling or wanting to clean the workspace, this drive won’t let you down. Moreover, thanks to high transfer speeds, you will not face long loading times.

It will make sure your gaming sessions are as efficient as possible. If you play both PS4 and PS5 games, Samsung T7 Touch is perfect as it becomes PS5 storage without reducing speeds.

It has a USB 3.2 Gen2 functionality that allows you to transfer data really fast. In conclusion, if Samsung T7 Touch is looking like the PS5’s external compact, quick, consistent device.

Best High-speed: WD Black P50

If you are looking for top-notch performance in PS5 external storage, then the WD Black P50 is the best high speed choice. This is made for gamers who love fast title transfers and smooth gaming.

You won’t have to worry about load times because of its cutting-edge technology. It can be used for PS5 gamers who want quick access to their entire game collection.

The WD_BLACK P50 is a fantastic external hard drive for PS5 users who want robust build quality and rapid game loading times.


  • Capacity Options: Available in various sizes up to 4TB
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 2×2
  • Transfer Speeds: Up to 2000 MB/s
  • Dimensions: 118mm x 62mm x 14mm
  • Weight: 115g
  • Compatibility: Works with PS5, PS4, PC, and Mac
  • Build: Durable and shock-resistant design
Pros Exceptional Speed Durability Compatibility
Cons Price Size Port Requirement

Who Is It For?

WD Black P50 is an external hard drive for any gamer that values both performance and speed. This is especially in the case of gamers playing heavy PS5 games. This is because the WD Black P50 record transfer speeds that a sufficient to transport massive games at once.

Consequently, gamers have more play time and less of waiting times. Also, WD Black P50 is suitable for gamers that need to avoid the replacement of storage. This is by providing sufficient data at ago.

Additionally, it is suitable for gamers who require a robust device. This includes professional gamers and artists or amateurs who may prefer durability over the quality in the selection of a device.

It is also suitable for users looking for a device that allows numerous gaming options at once. This includes businesses and people who prefer to have a variety of game options.

Best Heavy-duty: LaCie Rugged SSD Pro

In terms of heavy-duty, I find the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro to be the best when looking for the external hard drive. The drive is strong and can cope in a hard environment, making it ideal for gamers who treasure their PS5 games.

It is exceptionally tough. The external hard drive further allows high-speed data transfer. The external hard drive is perfect for storing and playing PS5 games.

This alternate angle of the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro highlights its distinctive, tough exterior, designed to be one of the best external hard drives for PS5, offering both durability and top-tier speed.


  • Capacity: Available in 1TB and 2TB
  • Interface: Thunderbolt 3/USB-C
  • Max Transfer Speed: Up to 2800MB/s
  • Durability: IP67-rated for dust and water resistance, 3-meter drop tolerance, 2-ton car crush resistance
  • Compatibility: Works with both Mac and Windows computers
  • Dimensions: Compact and portable design
  • Warranty: 5-year limited warranty
Pros Extreme Durability High-Speed Performance Versatile Connectivity
Cons Higher Price Point Limited Capacity Options Weight

Who Is It For?

Hardcore speed and toughness are the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro external hard drives. The target market for this model is individuals or gamers who are always on the move or use their gadgets in severe conditions.

And with fast transfer speeds, its PS5’s inner accessory is a no-brainer. When you want to add more game titles but don’t want to waste extra on loading, get the best value.

This SSD is ideal for content designers who want to use PS5’S external storage. You also help solve both issues with one solution. To conclude, the LaCie Rugged SSD Pro is one fantastic alternative if you want robust SSDs and quick.

Best Officially-licensed: Seagate Game Drive

The external hard drive is called Seagate Game Drive and is licensed and allows one to maintain a gaming experience. Indeed, the drive is adjusted for all PlayStation consoles, including PS5.

It is aimed at customers that strive to enlarge game libraries without any decline in quality or lose gaming speed. To this end, this external drive can accelerate speeds, so one’s PS5 games are always ready.

From another perspective, the Seagate Game Drive for PS5 is shown here with its PlayStation-inspired design, reinforcing its status as a dedicated and external hard drive enthusiasts.


  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Capacity Options: 2TB, 4TB
  • Dimensions: 113.5mm (Length)
  • Weight: 135g – 149g
  • Compatibility: PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
Pros Official PlayStation License Large Capacity Options Portable and Lightweight
Cons Speed Limitation No Additional Features Design Specificity

Who Is It For?

ConclusionSeagate Game Drive has been one of the external hard drive. It’s certainly our choice for the best external hard drive for gamers who desire the ease of using the external HDD that works so well with their gaming system.

More keys for precious hours saved Choosing the Seagate Game Drive is perfect for all PS5 gamers out there. Seagate Game Drive provides a large amount of storage space, the designer, and a lot of value to keep you from pulling our your hair.

It’s perfect, no matter if you’re a casual or an intense gamer, for adding to your gaming setup and making sure that your games are always installed and ready to go at all times.

Best High-capacity: WD Black D10

On the other hand, one of the best alternatives is the WD Black D10. It comes with excellent performance and large storage space, considering it is made for gamers.

It ensures vast PS5 games and loads for a big enough library to remain accessible. Its fast rotational rate and active cooling system make it the perfect option for someone looking for expanded storage without sacrificing output.

The WD_BLACK D10 Game Drive, while designed for a different console, serves as one of the best external hard drives for PS5, providing high capacity storage for an extensive collection of games.


  • Capacity: 8TB
  • Interface: USB 3.2 Gen 1
  • Rotational Speed: 7200 RPM
  • Active Cooling Technology: Yes
  • Transfer Speed: Up to 250MB/s
  • Dimensions: 7.68 x 4.92 x 1.73 inches
  • Weight: 2.16 pounds
Pros High Capacity Fast Transfer Speeds Active Cooling
Cons Size and Weight Price HDD Only

Who Is It For?

WD Black D10 is another best external hard drive for PS5 that is best suited for users with a large gaming library. Gamers who play multiple games at once, some on their PS4 and others on their gaming console and have sizeable data should go for this drive.

The high capacity ensures you don’t have to keep deleting games to free up space. With a 7200 RPM speed, it ensures an active gaming experience thanks to the active cooling system.

While it is bulkier and heavier than some compatible drives, the robustness ensures its durability. WD Black D10 is a must-have for serious gamers. D10 offers gamers a dependable, high-capacity storage solution.

In combination with their PS5’s internal SSD, they can rest assured that their game collection and loads will be readily accessible.

Is it possible to run PS5 games from an external hard drive?

You cannot run PS5 games directly from an external hard drive. Even though you can store them there, you have to transfer the games back to the PS5’s internal SSD to be able to play them.

External hard drives do not have the needed speed to allow PS5 games to run. Even so, the drives are advantageous and they save you time since transferring games to the PS5 is faster than downloading it afresh.

Will any external hard drive work with PS5?

Most of the external hard drives will be compatible with PS5; however, it would be best to keep in mind some elements. The hard drives must have a USB 3.0 or newer connection to avoid experiences with compatibility.

Although you can save PS5 games on these drives, you can not run PS5 games off of them. They perfectly save and run PS4 games and transport PS5 games to clear out the internal SSD.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got a External Hard Drive?

  • Speed Matters: External SSDs are faster compared to HDDs, which enables speedy transfer of files.
  • Storage Capacity: A drive large enough; 1TB or larger will set you better for an expanding game collection.
  • PS5 Game Limitation: One cannot play their PS5 game stored on the drive; only use it as a storage facility.
  • Durability: A gaming drive ought to be strong enough as gaming can become intense.
  • Portability: The more you move with the drive, the more it befits its portability.
  • Price vs Performance: More pricey drives often feature better speed and reliability.

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