A cyclist's handlebar equipped with various gadgets, including the best bicycle speedometer for comprehensive cycling data.

The 6 Best Bicycle Speedometers for 2024

There are a few things you should know before setting out to buy the best bicycle speedometer available.

To begin with, it is important to realize that a speedometer for the bike is not only a display of your travelling velocity. In fact, it is a rather wide concept including a whole variety of similar devices ranging from mechanical to electronic.

Speaking of the latter, bike computers and GPS speedometers are probably the best ones since they provide not only correct measuring but a host of additional functions.

By selecting an easily operated perfectly navigated speedometer you will be granted a wonderful possibility to study and record your maximum speed and other parameters.

Best Overall: CATEYE Velo 7

Presenting the CATEYE Velo 7, your way to better biking. It is more than just a device; it is your trip’s best sidekick, providing real-time information on your adventure.

Its responsive display distinguishes the Velo 7 as a need-to-have device for each cyclist who wishes to keep track of their record.

Small, sleek, and fully functional, this is the friend you require to improve your cycling journey in no time.

The Cateye Velo 7 speedometer, a reliable entry-level bicycle speedometer, displays current speed and max speed.


  • Current Speed: Keep track of your speed in real time.
  • Maximum Speed: Discover the fastest speed you’ve achieved.
  • Average Speed: Understand your consistent performance.
  • Trip Distance: Measure the length of your journeys.
  • Total Distance: Log the cumulative distance you’ve traveled.
  • Elapsed Time: Track how long you’ve been on the bike.
  • Clock: Stay on schedule with a built-in time display.
  • Auto Start/Stop: Saves power and ensures accurate data collection
Pros User-Friendly Interface Accurate Speed Measurement Long Battery Life
Cons Wired Setup Limited Data Fields No GPS Functionality

Who Is It For?

CATEYE Velo 7 is designed for those who are gearing up for their first step in the world of cycling data.

If you are a daily commuter who cannot wait to record their rides, an athlete seeing their gains on the screen, or a laid back bike rider who loves to have some technology around, this device for you.

Ideal for beginners but still enough for experienced riders, CATEYE Velo 7 is as simple as it is efficient.

Best Value: CATEYE Velo 9

The straightforward, high performance cycling computer that takes your ride to the next level.

This cycling computer is engineered to make a difference in your cycling routine while being one of the simplest devices to operate.

For less experienced cyclists and experts alike, a large screen and nine easier to use options are included so that you can focus on what’s ahead.

Advanced functionality meets simplicity in the Cateye Velo 9, the best bicycle speedometer for daily rides.


  • Speed Tracking: Measures how fast you’re going, up to about 125 miles per hour.
  • Ride Time: Tells you how long you’ve been riding, up to almost 10 hours.
  • Distance Covered: Shows how far you’ve ridden, up to 999.99 miles.
  • Average Speed: Calculates your average speed over your ride.
  • Max Speed: Records the fastest speed you hit during your ride.
Pros Large Screen Simple Setup Pace Arrow
Cons Wired Connection No Cadence Sensor Manual Odometer Set

Who Is It For?

When it comes to cycling gadgets, the CATEYE Velo 9 is designed for those who prioritize simplicity and practicality are packed into a small product.

This gadget is ideal for use during a daily commute or a weekend’s project; the device allows you to maintain a check of the most crucial parameters for tracking your advancement and performance.

The Velo 9 features a massive screen for simple and convenient reading and a one-button user interface that appeals to individuals of all ages and stages of skill with technology.

CATEYE Velo 9 ‘s robust construction and outstanding three-year battery life ensure that the trip to work never gets old. Beginners will find it straightforward and hand enough, while experienced bikers will appreciate the trust that comes from using it.

It is the best gizmo for anybody who wishes to learn about their excursion’s consequences—from the quantity of energy consumed to the carbon mitigated.

Best for Advanced Features: MEILAN M3 Mini

It should be noted that the MEILAN M3 Mini is a unique bike computer. Despite its small size, this device is equipped with all the necessary options. It is designed to provide cyclists with precise GPS tracking during trips but without a large size or complexity.

It is lightweight, small, and water resistant and can be used for any type of cycling, so nothing will distract from the trail.

The Meilan M3 Mini GPS speedometers in black and white, offering the best bicycle speedometer experience with compact GPS tracking.


  • Display: 1.7” anti-glare MONO LCD with white backlight for clear visibility day and night.
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5, capable of withstanding small to medium rain.
  • GPS: Built-in high sensitivity chip supporting Beidou, GPS, and GLONASS for precise location tracking.
  • Battery Life: USB rechargeable with up to 8 hours of runtime on a full charge.
  • Storage: Can store up to 30 hours of riding data.
  • Data Display: Supports up to 9 key riding data types, including current, average, and maximum speed, riding time, and more.
  • Mini Design: Compact size makes it easy to carry and suitable for a variety of outdoor sports.
  • Connectivity: Wireless data transmission​
Pros Precise GPS tracking Waterproof design Night visibility
Cons Limited battery life No app connectivity No external memory

Who Is It For?

For the simplicity, efficiency, and reliability-craving cyclist, the MEILAN M3 Mini is the best gadget.

Whether you are a weekend warrior hitting the toad, commuter winding the urban jungle, or fitness enthusiast aiming to measure their speeds and monitor their speed, this device provides the functionality required without any bells and whistles.

An intuitive user interface in addition to its solid GPS capabilities makes it worthwhile to consider for anyone looking to step up his or her cycling game.

Its waterproof and small size design can be used in all weather conditions thus suitable for mountain bike fanatics and weekend riders.

Best for Compact: Aantnacb Bicycle Speedometer

It’s suitable for people who want an effective gadget that is simple to use. Just plug it in, fix it on your bike, and enjoy the fact that all your ride data is right there at the tip of your fingers. Whether you are a beginner or a pro cyclist, it’s just that added oompf to your riding.

The JANT CB Bicycle Speedometer merges a classic look with modern functionality, a best bicycle speedometer for retro bike enthusiasts.


  • Display: High-contrast, easy-to-read screen
  • Weight: Ultra-light design
  • Connectivity: Wireless setup for clutter-free handlebars
  • Water Resistance: All-weather, waterproof casing
  • Battery Life: Extended life for longer rides
  • Mounting: Quick, tool-free installation
  • Sensors: Accurate speed and distance tracking
  • Compatibility: Versatile fit for all bike types
Pros User-friendly interface Long battery life Accurate measurements
Cons Limited color options No GPS functionality Manual setup required

Who Is It For?

The Aantnacb Bicycle Speedometer is designed for cyclers who crave simplicity with all the markings of functionality.

Whether it’s through the urban jungles, or testing the very limits of country trails, this speedometer has always got you covered on all fronts.

Its shape ensures that it never fills up your handles and settles for a wireless connection system making it very easy to install.

Whether you’re the kind that prefers to keep things to a minimalistic fashion or still would want all the essential stats on the end of your palms, this one has always been for you.

From the city weekend warriors to the dedicated commuters in the week, he has had the ideal one for your turn, and it’s similarly equipped you solely need to return your affairs and settle on them.

Best for Basic Functionality: CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer

One of this beacon’s synonyms is the CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer, made specifically for cyclists who strive to find simplicity and efficiency in their rides. CYCPLUS is a device designed for the true enthusiasts of cycling essentials.

Don’t let its design be misleading; this buddy suits those who want more from bike rides. Its straightforward interface allows you to focus on the road, and let the settings be. Within a modern touch, this device lets you be you while providing all necessary data.

Navigate and track your ride with the Cycplus GPS Bike Computer, a top pick for the best bicycle speedometer with GPS capabilities.


  • Screen Size: 2.9 inches, clear visibility
  • Weight: 70g (GPS unit), 10g (mount), lightweight for easy handling
  • Battery Life: 30 hours, for long adventures
  • Connectivity: ANT+, Bluetooth 5.0, for seamless data sharing
  • Charging Port: USB Type-C, for modern, efficient charging
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX6, ready for any weather
  • GPS Support: GPS and GLONASS, for accurate location tracking
  • Mount: Garmin quarter-turn style, universal compatibility
Pros Long Battery Life Lightweight Design ANT+ Support
Cons No Customization Basic Display Limited App Features

Who Is It For?

The CYCPLUS GPS Bike Computer is perfect for cyclists who want the core metrics and nothing else.

If you’re a weekend warrior who enjoys taking on trails or a commuter who navigates city streets, this device has you covered, with all the only features you need: speed, distance, and route tracking, and extremely immediately intuitive.

Reliable battery life and basics make this a top purged for riders who want to keep the riding undiluted and complete. It’s best for you if you prefer simplicity while cycling.

Best for Durability: iGPSPORT BSC100S

Get to know the iGPSPORT BSC100S, a smart bike computer made for lovers of cycling. The unit records and shows real time critical cycling stats like speed and distance.

You can integrate it with the iGPSPORT app for deeper insights and sharing of your cycling journey with digital friends. When it comes to quality and longevity, the device is a perfect companion for riders aiming to make their cycling more enjoyable.

The iGPSPORT BSC100S is a versatile best bicycle speedometer with seamless connectivity for the tech-savvy cyclist.


  • Battery Life: 40 Hours
  • Connectivity: GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, GALILEO, QZSS
  • Transmission: BLE5.0/ANT+
  • Waterproof: IPX7
  • Display: 2.6″ Screen
  • Weight: 67g
  • Data Storage: 250 Hours
  • Smart Notifications: Yes
Pros Extended Battery Life Multi-GNSS Support Waterproof IPX7
Cons Limited Buttons Fixed Screen Size Specific Accessory Compatibility

Who Is It For?

The iGPSPORT BSC100S is ideal for committed cyclists who want to measure and improve their performance. Training for an event, continuing to stay in good shape, or doing long rides or brief excursions for pleasure are all options.

With its extended battery life, precise location monitoring, and durable waterproof housing, the BSC100S is suitable for use year-round and in any weather.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Bike Computer?

  1. Type: Know and check whether your vehicle has a cable-driven or electronic speedometer.
  2. Quality: Ensure that you get services from a provider who has a reputation for quality restoration of cables or clusters and excellent service delivery.
  3. Common Problems: Keep in mind the common problems caused by manifests like faulty or damaged speed sensor or faulty or damaged wiring.
  4. Safety and Health: Keep in mind the fact that with a broken speedometer, you are driving blindly, which keeps you and other road users in danger. This can also land you on the wrong side with authorities for various safety violations.
  5. Costs: Weigh the cost of function repair against the cost of replacing your vehicle.

Is GPS speed accurate cycling?

Another complicated and advanced choice is the use of GPS satellite calculations. This speed measuring system uses the same principles but applies satellite data.

With a GPS speedometer, calculating speed is not dependent on the wheel rotation and is therefore more accurate.

However, it is also not entirely flawless due to imperfections of will not give accurate speed due to working based on the wheel speed. There may also be other wobbles and approximate nuances.

Finally, there may also be indirect limitations in the form of obstructions of satellite signals, which happens in tunnels, for example.

How accurate are bike speedometers?

Bike speedometers, ranging from basic models to GPS bike computers, are famed for their precision in measuring speed and distance and are therefore critical for all riders.

One of the key factors contributing to the degree of accuracy is proper setup, particularly the need for the user to enter the correct wheel size, resulting in negligible deviations even on longer rides.

Devices such as the Garmin Edge 130 or a Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt are also highly praised for their robustness: the first two gadgets are distinguished by their toughness and long battery life, and all three are extremely easy to connect to a smartphone.

On the other hand, the XOSS NAV bike computer is known for its rugged, waterproof construction, long battery life as well as real-time information on many features like speed and distance and offline navigation.

For cyclists on a tight budget, on the other hand, the SY Bicycle Speedometer is a practical option, having waterproof housing, ease of installation, and basic models showing speed and distance travelled.

As a result, whether seeking additional tracking and navigation abilities with a GPS speedometer or only essential speed meter evaluations, today’s market caters to every level of cyclist.

Do you need a bike speedometer?

Choosing the best bicycle speedometer or the right cycling computer can significantly improve your riding experience and give you access to more essential information about your fitness and performance.

Bike speedometers measure the speed at which you cycle but will also cover the total distance, calories burned, heart rate and more to provide a broader image of your experience.

Today’s bike speedometers are more convenient to use due to a significant and straightforward LCD screen, several mounting positions to hold the bikes well, and responsive and durable materials that are convenient for all weather.

Battery life is another essential issue because if the battery lasts for some time, you will lose your destination, and there are some products that will have a battery shelf-life longer.

Whether you cycle occasionally or regularly, or regularly mountain bike ride, a bike speedometer or a GPS speedometer will assist you in collecting the necessary data to track and develop your performance.

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