This stunning display of the best acoustic guitar amps highlights the top choices for guitarists, featuring premium sound quality and craftsmanship.

Top 9 Best Acoustic Guitar Amps of 2024 Reviewed

Are you ready to amplify your acoustic guitar sound to new heights? Choosing the best acoustic guitar amp can significantly enhance your performance, whether you’re playing at home, in a studio, or on stage.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the essential features to consider many factors. From power and portability to tone shaping and onboard effects, we’ll delve into the factors that can make a significant difference in your amplified sound experience.

Our Top Picks

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Best Price$49
Fender Acoustic 100
Fishman Loudbox Mini BT
Vox VX50 AG Amp
Blackstar Acoustic Core 30
Coolmusic AC20 Bluetooth Amp
Fender Acoustasonic 15
LyxPro 20W Amp
JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Amp

Best Overall: Fender Acoustic 100

The Fender Acoustic 100, combines classic Fender style with modern features. Its rich, full sound makes every note shine, perfect for the musician seeking unparalleled acoustic amplification.

The Fender Acoustic 100 delivers rich, resonant tones, securing its status as one of the best acoustic guitar amps for serious players.


  • Power: 100 Watts
  • Channels: 2 (instrument and microphone)
  • Effects: Digital reverb, echo, delay, chorus, and Vibratone
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth for audio streaming
  • USB Port: For direct recording
  • Speaker: 8″ full-range whizzer cone
  • Weight: Lightweight design for easy transport
  • Footswitch: Optional for hands-free control
Pros Bluetooth streaming Versatile effects Direct recording
Cons Higher price Limited color options Bulky size

Who Is It For?

The Fender Acoustic 100 is for musicians who demand quality and versatility in their sound. Whether you’re a gigging professional, a recording artist, or a hobbyist seeking to enrich your acoustic guitar’s tone, this amp delivers.

With features like Bluetooth streaming, a variety of built-in effects, and the ability to directly record, it’s designed to enhance your performance in any setting. Its powerful 100-watt output ensures your music is heard, whether you’re playing at home, in the studio, or on stage. If you’re looking for an amp that can keep up with your creativity and elevate your acoustic sound, the Fender Acoustic 100 is your match.

Best for Connectivity: Fishman Loudbox Mini BT

The Fishman Loudbox Mini BT! This compact powerhouse is perfect for musicians who crave quality sound and effortless Bluetooth connectivity. Whether you’re jamming at home or performing live, the Loudbox Mini BT is your go-to for crystal-clear acoustic tones.

The Fishman Loudbox Mini BT amplifier combines exceptional sound quality with Bluetooth technology, making it a top pick for the best acoustic guitar amp.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stream music or backing tracks wirelessly.
  • Power: 60 Watts, loud enough for small venues.
  • Channels: 2 (instrument and microphone), with independent controls.
  • Reverb and Chorus: High-quality effects for both channels.
  • Weight: Lightweight at only 19.7 lbs, easy to carry.
  • Aux Input: Connect external audio devices easily.
  • Battery Life: Extended playtime for outdoor performances.
  • Feedback Suppression: Keeps your sound clean and clear.
Pros Bluetooth Streaming Dual Channels Lightweight Design
Cons Limited Power No Battery Option Basic Effects

Who Is It For?

The Fishman Loudbox Mini BT is for musicians who value portability, sound quality, and the convenience of modern technology. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, a busker, or a gigging musician playing in coffee shops and small venues, this amp is designed to meet your needs.

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows for easy streaming of backing tracks or music during breaks, making it perfect for solo performers or small ensembles. The lightweight design and powerful output ensure that your music is heard, without the hassle of heavy equipment. If you’re looking for an amp that combines performance with ease of use, the Loudbox Mini BT is your match.

Best Feature: Vox VX50 AG Amp

It’s light, loud, and ready to take your music to new heights. Perfect for those who love clear sound and easy portability, this amp is a game-changer for guitarists everywhere.

The VOX VX50 AG is a sleek, lightweight amplifier with Nutube technology, providing a rich acoustic tone for the best acoustic guitar amp seekers.


  • Power: 50 Watts, for big sound in a small package.
  • Speaker: 8″ coaxial, designed for clear, rich tones.
  • Nutube Technology: For warm, tube-like sound.
  • Weight: 4.1 kg, super lightweight for easy transport.
  • Inputs: 2 channels (guitar and mic), versatile for performances.
  • Effects: Chorus, Reverb, for enhancing your sound.
  • Phantom Power: For condenser mics, making it versatile.
  • Aux In: For jamming along to your favorite tracks.
Pros Nutube Technology Ultra-Lightweight Dual-Channel
Cons Limited Effects No Bluetooth Higher Price

Who Is It For?

Whether you’re a gigging professional, a music teacher, or a hobbyist, this amp’s combination of Nutube technology, lightweight design, and dual-channel flexibility makes it a top choice. It’s especially suited for those who appreciate the warmth of tube sound but need something more portable and versatile for different performance settings.

If you’re looking to elevate your acoustic guitar’s sound with an amp that’s easy to carry, offers crystal-clear audio, and supports both your guitar and microphone, the Vox VX50 AG is your match. Perfect for small venues, home studios, or street performances, it ensures your music is heard exactly as intended.

Best for Versatility: Blackstar Acoustic Core 30

Elevate your music journey is here: the Blackstar Acoustic Core 30. Compact, powerful, and designed for the modern musician, this amp brings your acoustic sound to life.

Whether you’re performing live, recording, or streaming, its versatility and quality sound make it a standout choice. Dive into a world where your music knows no bounds, all with the ease of use that inspires creativity and passion.

The Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 is considered one of the best acoustic guitar amps for its clear sound and versatile features.


  • Power Output: 30 Watts, perfect for intimate gigs or home practice.
  • Channels: 2, allowing for simultaneous guitar and vocal amplification.
  • Connectivity: USB audio interface for hassle-free recording.
  • Effects: Studio-quality reverb and two chorus types, enhancing your sound.
  • Feedback Suppression: Global phase control to minimize feedback.
  • Livestream Ready: Direct audio for high-quality livestreams.
  • Portability: Compact design with battery power option for musicians on the go.
  • Inputs: Three, including stereo line in for backing tracks or music playback.
Pros Studio-Quality Effects Livestream Capability Feedback Suppression
Cons Limited Power No Bluetooth Single Color Option

Who Is It For?

The Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 is for the versatile musician who demands quality and flexibility in every performance. Whether you’re a singer-songwriter, a gigging musician looking to captivate your audience with crystal-clear sound, or a content creator eager to share your music with the world through livestreams, this amp is designed for you.

Its user-friendly features support both your guitar and vocal performance, making it ideal for those who value simplicity without compromising on sound quality. With the ability to connect directly to your devices for recording or streaming, it’s perfect for artists who are serious about their online presence.

If you’re passionate about your acoustic sound and looking for an amp that can keep up with your creativity, the Blackstar Acoustic Core 30 is your match.

Best Budget-Friendly: Coolmusic AC20 Bluetooth Amp

Dive into the world of music with the Coolmusic AC20. It’s compact, powerful, and packed with features that make it stand out. Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike, it promises to elevate your musical journey without breaking the bank.

The Coolmusic AC20 is an innovative best acoustic guitar amp with Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing your playing experience with wireless convenience.


  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Stream music directly from your device.
  • Power Output: 20 Watts, for clear, robust sound.
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours of playtime.
  • Channels: Dual channels for guitar and microphone.
  • Effects: Built-in digital reverb & chorus effects.
  • Weight: Lightweight at 5.5 kg.
  • Inputs: AUX-in for jamming along to your favorite tracks.
  • Size: Compact and portable design.
Pros Bluetooth Streaming Dual Channels Extended Battery
Cons Limited Power Basic Effects No Footswitch

Who Is It For?

The Coolmusic AC20 Bluetooth Amp is for beginners and hobbyists who crave quality sound without spending a fortune. Its lightweight design and Bluetooth connectivity make it perfect for small gigs, street performances, or practicing at home.

Whether you’re strumming your first chords or refining your musical talent, this amp offers the versatility and portability you need. With dual channels, you can easily switch between guitar and vocals, making it ideal for singer-songwriters.

The extended battery life ensures your music flows uninterrupted, even during long sessions. If you’re looking for an affordable, feature-rich acoustic guitar amp, the Coolmusic AC20 is your go-to choice.

Best for Practice: Fender Acoustasonic 15

The Fender Acoustasonic 15, shines with its ultra-compact design and superb sound quality. Perfect for musicians on the go, it offers the ideal blend of portability and performance.

With features tailored for acoustic guitar and vocal amplification, it’s your go-to for small gigs and gatherings, ensuring your music always sounds its best.

The Fender Acoustasonic 15 is renowned for its warm tone, rightfully earning its place as one of the best acoustic guitar amps available.


  • Power: 15 watts
  • Speaker: 6″ Fender Special Design with enhanced high-frequency response
  • Channels: Two (instrument and mic), with individual volume controls
  • Effects: Built-in chorus effect on instrument channel
  • Inputs: XLR and ¼” inputs for versatile connectivity
  • Output: Headphone output for silent practice
  • Design: Classic Fender look with brown and wheat finish
  • Special Feature: “Whizzer” cone for improved high-frequency response
Pros Portable Design Versatile Inputs Enhanced Highs
Cons Limited Power Single Effect No Bluetooth

Who Is It For?

The Fender Acoustasonic 15 is for beginners, hobbyists, and seasoned musicians seeking a compact, reliable solution for practice and small performances. Whether you’re strumming at home, entertaining friends, or performing at a local café, this amp delivers quality sound without overwhelming your space. Its dual-channel setup accommodates both your guitar and microphone, making it perfect for singer-songwriters.

The built-in chorus effect adds depth to your guitar’s tone, enhancing your sound with a touch of ambiance. Lightweight and easy to carry, it’s ideal for musicians who value convenience and quality.

Best Portable: COOLMUSIC BP-MINI Acoustic Amp

Here is the COOLMUSIC BP-MINI Acoustic Amp. Compact, powerful, and designed with the modern player in mind, this amp delivers unparalleled sound quality in a portable package.

Perfect for street performances, small venues, or intimate gatherings, the BP-MINI ensures your music always sounds its best.

The Coolmusic BP Mini redefines portability and sound, making it a best acoustic guitar amp for players on the go.


  • Power Output: 15 Watts
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs
  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Channels: 2 (Instrument and Microphone)
  • Effects: Built-in Reverb and Delay
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Speaker Size: 6.5 inches
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 9.4 x 7.5 inches
Pros Ultra-Portable Long Battery Life Versatile Connectivity
Cons Limited Volume Fewer Effects Narrow Sound Range

Who Is It For?

Whether you’re a street performer looking to captivate passersby, a traveling musician who needs a reliable amp on the road, or a hobbyist seeking to enjoy your music anywhere, the BP-MINI is designed for you.

Its lightweight design, combined with a powerful battery and versatile connectivity options, make it ideal for those who want to share their music in any setting. If you’re after an amp that can keep up with your adventurous musical journey, the COOLMUSIC BP-MINI is your perfect companion.

Best Entry-Level: LyxPro 20W Amp

Compact yet powerful, it’s designed to bring your music to life without overwhelming your space or budget. Ideal for practice sessions, small gigs, or just jamming at home, it’s the first step towards your musical greatness.

The LyxPro 20W amplifier stands out with its robust build and clear tonality, making it a solid choice for the best acoustic guitar amp.


  • Power Output: 20 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 8 Inches
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Audio Streaming
  • Controls: Volume, Bass, Treble, Gain
  • Inputs: 1/4″ Instrument, AUX-In for Media Devices
  • Headphone Jack: 1/4″ for Silent Practice
  • Built-in Effects: Reverb and Chorus
  • Weight: Lightweight Design for Easy Portability
Pros Compact Size Bluetooth Streaming Affordable Price
Cons Limited Power Basic Effects No Footswitch Input

Who Is It For?

If you are practicing at home, performing in small venues, or just enjoying music with friends, this amp delivers clear, quality sound in a compact, easy-to-use package.

Its Bluetooth connectivity allows for streaming backing tracks or music, making practice sessions more engaging. Lightweight and portable, it’s perfect for musicians on the go. If you’re stepping into the world of acoustic guitar music and need a reliable, affordable amp that doesn’t compromise on sound, the LyxPro 20W is your go-to choice.

Best for Beginners: JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Amp

Meet the JOYO MA-10A Acoustic Amp, a compact powerhouse designed to elevate your guitar sounds. Perfect for those just starting their musical journey, this amp combines quality, portability, and ease of use, making it an instant favorite. Dive into the world of music with JOYO and let your acoustic vibes flow!

The JOYO MA-10A acoustic amp offers a compact and portable solution without compromising on sound, a great addition to the best acoustic guitar amps.


  • Power Output: 10 Watts
  • Speaker Size: 5 inches
  • Battery Operation: Yes, up to 3 hours
  • Input Jacks: Guitar input, AUX-in for backing tracks
  • Control Knobs: Volume, Bass, Treble
  • Built-in Effects: No
  • Weight: 1.2 kg
  • Portable Design: With a convenient carrying strap
Pros Ultra-Portable Battery Operated Clear Sound Quality
Cons Limited Volume No Built-in Effects Short Battery Life

Who Is It For?

Its simplicity, combined with essential features, makes it ideal for those who want to practice at home, perform in small gatherings, or carry their music wherever they go.

Whether you’re learning your first chords or looking to share your music in intimate settings, the JOYO MA-10A offers the perfect blend of portability, sound quality, and ease of use.

Its lightweight design and battery operation mean you can play anywhere, anytime, making it a fantastic choice for young musicians, students, or anyone on a journey to discover their sound.

With the JOYO MA-10A, embark on your musical adventure with confidence and style, knowing you have the best guide you through your beginnings and beyond.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Acoustic Guitar Amp?

Understand Your Needs: Assess the venues you’ll play in, whether you need portability, and the specific features that will enhance your performance. Power Matters: For larger venues, ensure the amp has enough power to deliver clear sound without distortion.

Feature Set: Identify which features are essential (e.g., effects, connectivity options) and which you can do without. This can save money and ensure you get what you need.

Sound Quality Over Brand: Don’t rely solely on brand reputation. Test different amps with your guitar to find the best sound quality for your style.

Consider Future Needs: Think about how your needs might evolve. An amp that’s slightly more expensive but offers room for growth can be a better investment.

Portability vs. Power: If you travel often, consider the weight and size of the amp. Sometimes a compromise between power and portability is necessary.

What features define a good acoustic amp?

A good acoustic amp is designed to accurately amplify the natural sound of an acoustic guitar, ensuring that the tonal qualities and nuances of the instrument are preserved. Key features include a flat response with minimal coloration, multiple channels to accommodate both the guitar and vocals, with each channel having its own EQ settings for precise sound shaping.

A high-quality preamp is crucial for maintaining the guitar’s natural tone, while built-in effects like reverb, chorus, and delay can enhance the sound without the need for external pedals. Power rating is also important, with amps ranging from 20 watts for small venues and practice to 100 watts or more for larger performances.

Additionally, feedback suppression technology is a valuable feature to prevent unwanted noise during live performances. Look for amps with direct output options for easy connection to PA systems or recording devices, and consider portability if you plan to transport your amp frequently.

Ultimately, the best acoustic amp for you will depend on your specific needs, including the venues you play, the sound you’re aiming for, and your budget.

How do amp effects benefit acoustic guitars?

Amplifiers designed specifically for acoustic guitars offer several benefits that enhance the natural sound of the instrument, making them an essential accessory for both performing musicians and enthusiasts.

Firstly, acoustic guitar amps are engineered to reproduce the guitar’s wide frequency range accurately, from the deep lows to the sparkling highs, without distortion. This ensures that the guitar’s natural tone, so crucial to its character, is maintained even at higher volumes, allowing for clear, resonant sound projection in various settings, from intimate gigs to larger venues.

Additionally, these amps often come with built-in effects, such as reverb, chorus, and delay, which can add depth and dimension to the acoustic sound, enabling players to experiment with different sonic textures and enhance their musical expression without compromising the guitar’s inherent tone.

Many models also feature multiple channels, allowing for the simultaneous amplification of the guitar and vocals, with EQ controls for fine-tuning the sound, making them incredibly versatile for live performances.

Furthermore, the design of acoustic guitar amps focuses on feedback reduction, a common issue when amplifying acoustic instruments, ensuring a clean, feedback-free performance. Investing in an acoustic guitar amp can significantly elevate the playing experience, offering not just louder volume but a richer, more vibrant acoustic sound.

What are the benefits of digital effects?

Digital effects offer numerous benefits, particularly for acoustic guitar amplifiers, enhancing the overall playing and listening experience.

Firstly, they provide a wide range of sound possibilities, allowing musicians to experiment with various tones and effects such as reverb, delay, chorus, and more, without needing separate pedals or equipment. This versatility can significantly expand the acoustic guitar’s sonic palette, making it suitable for different music genres and styles.

Secondly, digital effects often come with presets and programmable settings, enabling users to easily save and recall their favorite sounds for consistent performance. This feature is especially useful for live performances or recording sessions, where quick setup and sound consistency are crucial.

Additionally, digital effects tend to be more compact and lightweight compared to their analog counterparts, making them a practical addition to an acoustic guitar amp for musicians who value portability.

Moreover, the integration of digital effects into an acoustic guitar amp can lead to improved sound quality, as these effects are designed to enhance the natural sound of the guitar without introducing unwanted noise or distortion.

Overall, the inclusion of digital effects in an acoustic guitar amplifier offers a blend of creativity, convenience, and quality, making it an appealing choice for guitarists looking to elevate their musical expression.

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