This premium pop filter is considered essential for professional vocal recordings, offering unmatched pop noise cancellation for the best audio quality.

The 7 Best Pop Filter for Vocals 2024

At the heart of creating crystal-clear and professional-sounding tracks lies the choice of the right equipment.

A pop filter is indispensable in this regard. The best pop filter for vocals eliminates harsh plosive sounds that can disrupt your audio.

Our Top Picks

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Best Price$15
JZ Microphones Metal Pop Filter
Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter
Nady MPF-6
On-Stage ASFSS6-GB
Aokeo Professional
Auphonix Pop Filter
Shure Popper Stopper

Best Overall: JZ Microphones Metal Pop Filter

The JZ Microphones Metal Pop Filter stands out as a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Its durable construction and exceptional performance make it an indispensable part of any recording setup, ensuring that your vocals are captured with clarity and precision.

Crafted for professionals, the JZ Microphones Metal Pop Filter offers robust construction and reliable performance for vocal recording sessions.


  • Design: Unique waveform metal mesh
  • Durability: Metal construction for longevity
  • Cleanliness: Easy to clean, ensuring hygienic use
  • Gooseneck Length: 45 cm (17″) for versatile positioning
  • Compatibility: Universal fit for any microphone
  • Sound Quality: Maintains unaffected frequencies
  • Reverberation Reduction: Compact shape minimizes unwanted reverberations
  • Pop Elimination: Innovative mesh waveform effectively kills pops and blows
Pros Durable Construction Hygienic Maintenance Unaffected Sound Quality
Cons Higher Price Point Limited Size Options Requires Adjustments

Who Is It For?

This metal pop filter is designed to improve your sound quality. It’s great for home recording enthusiasts and professional studio engineers. Its easy-to-clean metal screens make it a hygienic choice in today’s world.

The compact design and long gooseneck allow for easy positioning, making it suitable for any recording environment. Ideal for those who value pristine audio quality. This pop filter excels in home recording setups and professional studios alike.

It offers durability, hygiene, and superior performance. This can significantly enhance your recording experience.

Best for Versatility: Stedman Proscreen XL Pop Filter

The Stedman Proscreen XL, is a game-changer in the recording world. Its advanced design and unmatched efficiency in reducing plosives make it a top choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Its robust construction and ease of use make it the best pop filter. It captures clear, detailed vocal recordings without compromise.

The Stedman Corporation Proscreen XL Pop Filter stands out for its large screen and professional grade filtering, perfect for vocal refinement.


  • Screen Diameter: 6.125 inches
  • Length: 26.5 inches
  • Weight: 10 oz
  • Clamp Range: .39 inches to .925 inches
Pros High-frequency clarity Easy to clean Durable construction
Cons Higher price Limited clamp size Metal filter bends

Who Is It For?

The Stedman Proscreen is tailored for anyone serious about recording pristine vocal tracks. If you are a seasoned professional in a well-equipped studio or a passionate hobbyist crafting recordings at home, this pop filter brings a level of clarity and detail to your work that fabric filters can’t match.

Its superior design effectively reduces plosive sounds. It doesn’t affect the high frequencies that give vocals their life. The Proscreen XL is easy to adjust and built to last. It’s a wise investment for anyone aiming to elevate their recording quality. This includes podcasters, voice-over artists, singers, and narrators.

Best for Double Layer: Nady MPF-6

The Nady MPF-6, is a classic favorite among musicians and home recordists. This affordable, single-layer pop filter is designed to eliminate popping sounds and protect your mic from saliva accumulation.

It’s an essential tool for enhancing sound quality during vocal recordings. Its ease of use, coupled with effective plosive removal, positions it as a top choice for budget-conscious users seeking professional-grade recording results.

The Nady MPF-6 Pop Filter brings a classic approach to vocal recording, ensuring breath sounds are kept at bay for a cleaner sound profile.


  • Type: Single-layer pop filter
  • Compatibility: Universal, fits most standard microphone stands
  • Design: Flexible gooseneck for easy positioning
  • Mounting: Boom/mic stand clamp with metal bracket
  • Material: Durable construction to withstand regular use
  • Functionality: Efficiently reduces plosives and saliva accumulation on mic
  • Weight: Lightweight design for ease of adjustment and positioning
  • Size: Compact enough to not obstruct the view of the user during recording
Pros Budget-friendly Easy positioning Effective plosive reduction
Cons Single-layer mesh Limited adjustability Potential durability concerns

Who Is It For?

It’s especially suited for musicians, podcasters, and home recording enthusiasts who are on a budget but do not want to compromise on the quality of their vocal recordings.

The MPF-6 offers a straightforward solution to achieve clear, pop-free audio. It works well whether you’re recording in a studio setup at home or a professional environment.

Its simple yet effective design ensures that it can be easily integrated into any recording setup. The pop filter is versatile, compatible with most microphones. It ensures your recordings are plosive- and saliva-free, extending your microphone’s lifespan.

The Nady MPF-6 is ideal for both beginners and experienced users. It enhances vocal sound quality without needing extensive setup or adjustment.

Best for Sturdy Construction: On-Stage ASFSS6-GB

Searching for the pop filter? Look no further than the On-Stage ASFSS6-GB! This dual-screen pop filter is a game-changer for any vocalist aiming to enhance their recording quality.

With its innovative design, the ASFSS6-GB effectively removes unwanted plosives without compromising your voice’s natural tone. Compact, efficient, and easy to use, this pop filter stands out in both performance and durability.

The On Stage ASFSS6-GB Pop Filter is a reliable accessory for any microphone setup, aimed at enhancing vocal recordings with its fine mesh layer.


  • Filter Diameter: 6 inches
  • Filter Material: Micro-weave nylon
  • Gooseneck Length: 11.5 inches
  • Gooseneck Material: Coated Brass
  • Color: Black
  • Dual Screen Design: For optimal plosive removal
  • Flexible Gooseneck: Locks into any position silently
  • Easy Grip C-Clamp: Secure and versatile attachment to mic stands or booms
Pros Dual Screen Flexible Positioning Secure Attachment
Cons Single Color Option Limited Diameter No Additional Accessories

Who Is It For?

On-Stage’s dual-screen design effectively removes plosives without altering the natural sound of your voice. This makes it ideal for those who demand clarity and precision in their recordings.

You can use this pop filter in a professional studio or your home studio. It has a sturdy construction and versatile mounting options. This makes it easily adaptable to any setup. It’s a must-have accessory for anyone serious about producing top-notch vocal recordings.

Best for Universal Compatibility: Aokeo Professional

Kickstart your recording sessions with the Aokeo Professional. Its sleek design and top-notch performance ensure your voice is captured crystal clear.

This is perfect for podcasters, singers, and streamers. They are aiming for professional-quality audio without the hassle.

Ideal for studio recording, the Aokeo Professional is considered one of the best pop filters for vocals, offering superior noise protection.


  • Double Layered Screen Filters: Captures and eliminates plosives effectively.
  • Universally Compatible: Fits a wide range of microphones and stands.
  • Adjustable Screw Rotating Clamp: Secure and scratch-proof gripping.
  • Flexible Gooseneck: Offers precise positioning.
  • Eliminates “S” Hissing and “P” Plosives: Enhances vocal clarity.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last through countless recording sessions.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to adjust and handle.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for studio recording, live streaming, and broadcasting.
Pros Dual-Layered Filtration Universal Compatibility Adjustable Flexibility
Cons Limited Color Options Potential Overfit for Small Mics Requires Careful Positioning

Who Is It For?

The Aokeo Professional pop filter is tailored for creators who value pristine audio quality. Whether you’re laying down tracks in the studio, streaming live to your fans, or podcasting on the latest topics, this filter will elevate your production.

Its universal compatibility means no more guesswork on fit. The dual-layered screen ensures your voice is heard loud and clear. It also reduces unwanted noise. Ideal for both aspiring talents and seasoned professionals looking to capture their best sound.

Best Budget: Auphonix Pop Filter

It promises clarity without compromising on quality. Its dual-layer mesh design ensures that your recordings are free of those pesky plosive sounds.

This provides a clean, professional sound that’s accessible to all. Whether you’re recording at home or in a studio, the Auphonix Pop Filter is a budget-friendly choice that doesn’t skimp on performance.

The Auphonix Pop Filter delivers on its promise of pristine vocal clarity, making it a staple in recording settings for its effective pop noise reduction.


  • Diameter: 6 inches
  • Clamp type: Adjustable for various mic stands
  • Setup: Easy installation
  • Versatility: Compatible with most microphones
  • Money-back guarantee: 12 months
Pros Dual-layer mesh Flexible gooseneck Easy installation
Cons Limited size options Specific compatibility No color options

Who Is It For?

The Auphonix Pop Filter is an excellent choice for anyone looking to step up their vocal recordings without spending a fortune. It’s especially suitable for podcasters, singers, and home studio enthusiasts who prioritize sound quality.

The dual-layer mesh ensures your recordings are free from unwanted plosive sounds. It enhances the overall clarity and quality of your audio. Its easy installation and compatibility with most microphones make it a versatile tool in any recording setup.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your existing setup, the Auphonix Pop Filter offers professional-grade results at an unbeatable price. It’s an ideal addition to your recording equipment.

Best for Professional Studio Use: Shure Popper Stopper

This filter is compact, efficient, and designed to seamlessly integrate with any studio setup. It’s a must-have for anyone serious about their sound. It’s not just about filtration; it’s about clarity, precision, and a dedication to perfection in every note and word.

The Shure Popper Stopper Pop Filter is renowned for its quality and efficiency, making it an essential tool for the best pop filter for vocals in recording studios.


  • Diameter: 6 inches (15.24 cm), perfect for covering the entire vocal range without intruding on the artist’s space.
  • Gooseneck Length: 14 inches (35.56 cm), offering unparalleled flexibility and positioning.
  • Construction: Four-layer screen design, meticulously crafted to eliminate plosives while preserving vocal integrity.
  • Mounting: Heavy-duty microphone stand clamp for stable and secure attachment.
  • Material: Durable metal gooseneck for precise positioning.
  • Compatibility: Designed to clamp to most stands, ensuring versatility across different studio setups.
  • Pop Reduction: Significantly reduces breath noise and plosives, enhancing vocal clarity.
  • Ease of Use: Simple setup and adjustment for optimal performance.
Pros Four-layer screen Flexible positioning Secure attachment
Cons Limited diameter Fixed shape Price point

Who Is It For?

This filter’s unparalleled pop reduction and sonic clarity make it a staple in any professional setting.

It’s great for recording crisp vocals, engaging podcasts, or voiceovers. Its robust construction and easy-to-use design ensure it fits seamlessly into any studio setup. It offers the flexibility and durability that professionals demand.

Ideal for those who refuse to compromise on quality, the Shure Popper Stopper elevates vocal recordings. It’s an essential tool for producing clear, professional-quality audio.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Pop Filter?

  1. Background Noise: A pop filter does not reduce background noise, focusing instead on eliminating plosives​​.
  2. Material: The choice between nylon and metal pop filters affects both durability and sound quality​​.
  3. Size and Shape: Matching the pop filter’s size and shape to your recording needs can enhance performance​​.
  4. Mounting: Consideration of the mounting system, like gooseneck stability, is crucial for ease of use​​​​.
  5. Double Screening: Dual-screen filters may protect against plosives but can potentially dull vocal recordings​​.
  6. Microphone Technique: Simple mic techniques can sometimes negate the need for a pop filter​​.
  7. DIY: Creating a DIY pop filter can be an effective and budget-friendly alternative​​.
  8. Sound Quality: The impact of a pop filter on sound quality, especially on high frequencies, is a key consideration​​.

Do singers use pop filters?

Singers widely use pop filters to enhance their vocal recordings. Pop filters mitigate the harsh plosive sounds (“p,” “b,” “t,” etc.) that occur during singing or speaking. These plosive sounds can overload the microphone. This causes unwanted popping noises in the recording.

A pop filter is positioned between the singer and the microphone. It acts as a physical barrier to disperse the air blast from these plosive sounds. This ensures a cleaner, clearer vocal performance.

This tool is indispensable in recording settings. It proves its worth by allowing vocalists to deliver their best performances without unwanted noise.

Does a pop filter make you sound better?

A pop filter significantly enhances vocal recording quality by mitigating plosives. Plosives are “p” and “b” sounds that produce a burst of air, leading to a popping effect in recordings. This effect can cause unwanted noise and distortion. It detracts from the clarity and professionalism of the audio.

A pop filter isn’t strictly necessary for every recording scenario. However, it’s highly recommended for vocal recordings, like music, podcasting, or voiceover work. It’s an affordable tool that can make a significant difference in audio quality.

Pop filters are available in nylon or metal mesh, each with its own advantages. Nylon pop filters are popular for their affordability and effectiveness in dispersing air. Metal pop filters are more durable and can offer a slightly different sound quality.

For those seeking the best pop filter for vocals, consider the environment and type of recording you’ll be doing. A nylon pop filter may be the best starting point for most home studios due to its cost-effectiveness and general availability.

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