A curated collection of the best plant humidifiers, including popular models from Levoit and other brands, to enhance the environment for healthy plants.

The 8 Best Plant Humidifiers of 2024

When searching for the best plant humidifiers, it’s crucial to understand the key features that cater to the unique needs of your indoor garden.

These devices play a pivotal role in maintaining the ideal moisture levels, ensuring your plants thrive in a controlled environment. Selecting the right humidifier involves considering factors such as tank size, mist settings, and the specific requirements of your plant species.

By choosing wisely, you provide your green companions with the optimal conditions to grow healthy and strong. This introduction aims to guide you through the basics, helping you make an informed decision on the best plant humidifiers for your botanical space.

Our Top Picks

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Best Price$30
LEVOIT Classic300S
Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic
Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic
Air Innovations MH-701BA
Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic
Vicks Warm Mist
PureGuardian Cool Mist
Canopy Humidifier

Best Overall: LEVOIT Classic300S

Imagine a device that whispers comfort into your home. The LEVOIT Classic300S is more than just a humidifier; it’s a ticket to a healthier, more serene living space. With a generous 6-liter tank, this marvel quietly works up to 60 hours, ensuring your air is perfectly moisturized. It’s like a silent guardian, blending seamlessly into the background of your life.

The Levoit Classic 300S is a smart humidifier for plants, ranking as one of the best plant humidifiers with app connectivity for ease of use.


  • Water Tank Capacity: 1.58 gallons (6 liters)
  • Effective Range: 215–505 square feet
  • Noise Level: ≤ 30dB (whisper quiet)
  • Run Time: Up to 60 hours
  • Smart Control: App and voice command compatibility
  • Weight: 4.3 pounds (lightweight design)
  • Aromatherapy: Compatible with essential oils
  • Night Light: Optional for added comfort
Pros Smart Features Whisper Quiet Aromatherapy Compatible
Cons Requires App Limited Colors Essential Oils Extra

Who Is It For?

The LEVOIT Classic300S is the perfect companion for anyone seeking a healthier living environment. Whether you’re a busy parent wanting to ensure your family breathes easier, a plant lover aiming for the optimal growth climate, or someone who cherishes tranquility and fragrance in their sanctuary, this humidifier is for you.

With its smart functionality, it effortlessly fits into the lifestyle of tech-savvy users, offering both ease and efficiency. Its quiet operation and aromatherapy feature create a soothing ambiance, making it ideal for those who value peace and wellness in their personal space​​.

Best Value: Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic is not just a humidifier; it’s a beacon of comfort for your home. With its ultrasonic cool mist technology, it turns dry, stale air into a fresh, moisturized haven, enhancing your living space’s ambiance and air quality.

Compact yet powerful, it’s designed for medium-sized rooms, offering up to 25 hours of continuous mist. Whether for your office, nursery, or living room, the MistAire Ultrasonic ensures you breathe easier, sleep better, and live comfortably​​.

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic is featured here as one of the best plant humidifiers, with a striking blue water tank for clear visibility.


  • Size: 8″ x 6″ x 9″
  • Weight: 1.5 lbs
  • Tank Capacity: 1.7 Liters
  • Room Coverage: Up to 250 sq. ft.
  • Run Time: Up to 25 hours on low setting
  • Mist Output: 120 ml/hr on high, 60 ml/hr on low
  • Number of Mist Settings: 2
  • Number of Night Light Settings: 1​​.
Pros Whisper-Quiet Operation Auto Shut-Off Easy-Fill Tank
Cons Not for Large Rooms No Essential Oil Use Manual Cleaning

Who Is It For?

The Pure Enrichment MistAire Ultrasonic is perfect for anyone seeking to improve their indoor air quality without the fuss. It’s ideal for small to medium-sized spaces, making it a fantastic choice for bedrooms, nurseries, and home offices.

With its simple operation and minimal maintenance, it suits busy individuals, parents wanting to ensure a comfortable environment for their children, or anyone looking to combat the dryness brought on by air conditioning or heating.

The optional night light and quiet operation make it a comforting nighttime companion, providing restful sleep free from the disturbance of dry air symptoms like congestion or dry skin.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your plant’s growth, soothe dry skin, or simply enjoy a more comfortable indoor climate, the MistAire Ultrasonic is your go-to solution for maintaining a balanced and pleasant home atmosphere​​​​​​.

Best Portable: Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic

Dive into a world where comfort meets innovation with the Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic, your ultimate companion for a healthier home environment. This stylish humidifier not only adds moisture to dry air but does so with flair and efficiency.

Its compact design and powerful features make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to enhance their living space. Embrace a solution that promises ease of use, a splash of color, and the promise of breathing easier, night and day.

The Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic, recognized as one of the best plant humidifiers, offers a unique teardrop shape and efficient moisture delivery.


  • Tank Capacity: 1 gallon
  • Coverage Area: Up to 500 square feet
  • Run Time: 24 hours
  • Mist Direction Control: 360 degrees
  • Sound Machine: Yes, with three soothing options
  • Nightlight: Color changing
  • Auto Shut-Off: Yes, for safety
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean with top fill design
Pros Easy cleaning Versatile mist control Soothing sound options
Cons No essential oil use No built-in nightlight Larger room requirement

Who Is It For?

The Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic is tailor-made for those who cherish both functionality and style in their wellness products. Perfect for individuals or families living in dry climates, or for those who experience discomfort due to allergies, colds, or dry skin, this humidifier offers relief by maintaining optimal humidity levels.

It’s especially suitable for parents looking for a safe, effective way to ensure their little ones breathe easier at night, thanks to its sound machine and auto shut-off feature.

If you love technology that blends seamlessly with your lifestyle, providing health benefits while enhancing your home’s ambiance, the Crane 4-in-1 Drop Ultrasonic is your go-to choice. Embrace the blend of aesthetics and health benefits for a more comfortable, vibrant home​​​​.

Best Design: Air Innovations MH-701BA

The Air Innovations MH-701BA is a marvel in home comfort, packing a punch in air quality improvement. This ultrasonic cool mist humidifier comes with an aromatherapy feature, making your living space not just more comfortable but also more inviting.

Its sleek design and smart features like a remote control and a massive 1.7-gallon tank allow it to run up to 96 hours on low setting. Perfect for large rooms up to 600 sq. ft., it ensures your air stays moist and breathable.

Air Innovations MH-701BA, one of the best plant humidifiers with a sleek black design and digital display, suitable for maintaining plant health.


  • Tank Capacity: 1.7 gallons
  • Runtime: Up to 96 hours on low setting
  • Coverage: Large rooms up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Features: Aromatherapy, Adjustable humidistat
  • Noise Level: Completely silent operation
  • Maintenance: Anti-microbial plastic to prevent mildew, mold, and bacteria growth
  • Additional: Remote control, auto shut-off when out of water
  • Usage Flexibility: Can be used on a tabletop or floor with a 15” extension nozzle
Pros Long Runtime Silent Operation Mold Prevention
Cons Price Size Maintenance

Who Is It For?

The Air Innovations MH-701BA is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance their living environment’s comfort and health.

It’s especially suited for families wanting to ensure their home’s air is moist, clean, and pleasantly scented, helping with dry eyes, rehydrated skin, scratchy throats, and even reducing snoring for better sleep.

With its large capacity and extended runtime, it’s perfect for people in large living spaces who dislike frequent refills and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to protect wooden furniture from dry air or provide a healthier environment for your children and pets, the MH-701BA’s features make it a standout choice.

Its silent operation also ensures that your home remains a peaceful sanctuary, making it a great fit for light sleepers or anyone working from home needing a quiet atmosphere​​​​​​.

Best Luxury: Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic

Introducing the Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic, a pinnacle of luxury in home humidification. With its sleek design and advanced technology, this humidifier embodies elegance and sophistication while providing superior performance.

The Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic, a leading choice in the best plant humidifiers, combines sleek black aesthetics with high-tech humidity control.


  • Stylish Glass Design
  • Adjustable Mist Output
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Large Water Tank Capacity
  • Whisper-Quiet Operation
  • Essential Oil Compatibility
  • Automatic Shut-Off Feature
  • Remote Control Included
Pros Effortless Maintenance Enhanced Air Quality Customizable Settings
Cons High Price Tag Limited Coverage Area Requires Power Source

Who Is It For?

Designed for discerning individuals like Sarah, the Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic is perfect for those who prioritize both luxury and functionality in their home environment.

Whether you seek to elevate your living space with a touch of opulence or desire the convenience of a top-tier humidifier that seamlessly integrates into your modern lifestyle, this product is tailored to meet your needs.

Ideal for urban dwellers and busy professionals alike, the Honeywell Reflection Ultrasonic offers a sophisticated solution to enhance indoor air quality while adding a dash of luxury to your everyday routine.

Best for Small Plants: Vicks Warm Mist

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier transforms your room into a serene oasis, emitting a warm and bacteria-free mist that promotes easy breathing and comfortable sleep. Designed to support your well-being, it’s an essential companion for anyone seeking relief from cold symptoms or desiring a more comfortable indoor climate.

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier is showcased as a great option for the best plant humidifiers, with a robust design and warm mist feature for plant care.


  • Tank Size: 1 gallon, ensuring long-lasting mist production.
  • Run Time: Up to 24 hours, providing all-day comfort.
  • Room Size Compatibility: Medium-Large, perfect for most living spaces.
  • Filter-Free Design: Minimal maintenance required.
  • Medicine Cup: For Vicks VapoSteam, enhancing therapeutic effects.
  • Accepts VapoPads: Up to 2, for soothing vapors.
  • Auto Shut-Off: For safety when the tank is empty.
  • Soft-Glow Night Light: Adds a comforting glow to your room​​​​.
Pros Filter-Free Operation Dual VapoPad Technology Soft-Glow Nightlight
Cons Daily Cleaning Needed Potential for Dampness Limited Summer Use

Who Is It For?

The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier is perfect for individuals or families seeking a healthier indoor environment, especially during colder months when indoor air tends to be dry.

It’s ideal for those suffering from colds, congestion, or allergies, offering relief through its warm, soothing mist.

The unit’s ability to accept medicated VapoPads makes it particularly beneficial for those looking for additional respiratory comfort.

Its quiet operation and auto shut-off feature make it suitable for bedrooms, ensuring a good night’s sleep without interruption.

With its filter-free design and easy maintenance, it appeals to anyone looking for a hassle-free way to improve their home’s air quality​​.

Best Simplest: PureGuardian Cool Mist

Embrace a healthier home environment with the PureGuardian Cool Mist humidifier, your simple solution to dry air discomfort. This compact device effortlessly introduces soothing moisture into your space, combating dryness and enhancing your living quality.

PureGuardian's Cool Mist Humidifier appears in the lineup of the best plant humidifiers, with a transparent blue tank and compact size for easy placement.


  • Run Time: Up to 100 hours
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Room Size: Medium
  • Coverage Area: Up to 630 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds
  • Technology: Silver Clean Treated Tank
  • Features: Dual Mist Rotating Nozzle, LED Night Light, Manual Mist/Power/Night Light Control Knobs
  • Mist Temperature Options: Cool/Warm
Pros Quiet Operation Long Run Time Aromatherapy Tray
Cons Complex Refill Cleaning Difficulty Warm Mist Temperate

Who Is It For?

The PureGuardian Cool Mist humidifier is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to enhance their living or working environment, particularly suited for medium-sized spaces.

With its whisper-quiet operation and extended run time, it’s perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or offices where maintaining a comfortable humidity level without constant maintenance is desired.

Its ultrasonic technology not only ensures efficient moisture distribution but also operates so quietly that it won’t disturb sleep or concentration.

The inclusion of an aromatherapy tray adds a layer of personalization, allowing users to infuse their spaces with their favorite essential oils for added relaxation or invigoration.

Whether you’re dealing with dry skin, allergies, or simply want to create a more comfortable atmosphere, the PureGuardian Cool Mist humidifier is up to the task​​​​.

Best Known: Canopy Humidifier

Meet the Canopy Humidifier, your home’s new best friend for creating a healthier environment! Compact yet powerful, this sleek device is designed to add just the right amount of moisture to your air, making it perfect for every room.

Whether it’s dry skin, allergies, or colds you’re battling, the Canopy Humidifier offers a simple and effective solution. Its ease of use and benefits for health and well-being make it a must-have for anyone looking to improve their indoor air quality.

The Canopy humidifier, ideal for plant enthusiasts, is among the best plant humidifiers with a minimalist white design to seamlessly blend with decor.


  • Dimensions: 10 x 7 x 8.5 inches
  • Weight: Light and portable
  • Capacity: 2.5-liter tank
  • Coverage: Up to 500 square feet
  • Run Time: Up to 36 hours
  • Dishwasher Safe: Yes
  • Power: USB-C cord
  • Noise: White noise feature
Pros Dishwasher Safe Large Coverage Long Run Time
Cons Requires Regular Cleaning Power Cord Misplacement Limited Design Options

Who Is It For?

The Canopy Humidifier is an ideal choice for anyone who values their health and comfort at home.

If you’re a busy parent seeking to protect your family from the dryness brought by heating in winter, a pet owner looking to create a more comfortable environment for your furry friends, or simply someone who loves to keep their living space fresh and moisturized, this humidifier is for you.

Its simple operation, combined with the significant benefits it brings to skin health and respiratory comfort, makes it a practical addition to any home. If you’ve ever suffered from dry skin the Canopy Humidifier is designed to alleviate these issues, making it a valuable tool for enhancing your overall well-being.

What I Wish I Knew Before I Got The Humidifier?

  1. Use Distilled or Demineralized Water: Regular tap water contains minerals that can promote bacteria growth and result in white dust being spread around your home. Using distilled or demineralized water minimizes these issues​​​​.
  2. Proper Placement is Crucial: Where you place your humidifier can significantly impact its effectiveness. It’s recommended to put it in a place where you spend the most time or where you sleep. For multi-story homes, you might need more than one humidifier​​.
  3. Regular Cleaning is Mandatory: To prevent the growth of mold and bacteria, humidifiers should be cleaned every three days with a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution or as advised by the manufacturer. This ensures the air you breathe is safe​​.
  4. Consider the Type of Humidifier: Evaporative and warm mist humidifiers might be preferable over ultrasonic or impeller types if you’re concerned about white dust. They use filters to purify the water before it’s added to the air, reducing the amount of mineral buildup​​.
  5. Awareness of Potential Health Issues: Some users reported coughing when inhaling directly from cool mist humidifiers, likely due to inhaling mineral dust. It’s essential to understand that different water sources and humidifier technologies might affect air quality and personal health differently​​.
  6. Maintenance and Replacement of Parts: Keep an eye on the condition of filters and demineralization cartridges, replacing them as necessary to ensure optimal performance and minimize health risks​​​​.
  7. The Importance of Humidity Control: Too much humidity can be as problematic as too little, leading to the growth of mold and bacteria. Use a hygrometer to monitor indoor humidity levels and aim to keep them between 30% and 50%​​.
  8. Energy and Noise Levels: Consider the energy consumption and noise level of the humidifier, especially if it will be used in a bedroom or frequently occupied space.

Are humidifiers good for air plants?

Humidifiers can be beneficial for air plants, particularly in environments that lack natural humidity. Air plants thrive in warm, humid conditions, ideally with humidity levels between 50% and 70%. Using a humidifier can help maintain these optimal conditions, especially during dry seasons or in arid climates.

However, it’s crucial to balance humidity levels carefully to prevent excess moisture, which could harm the plants. Clean mist from a humidifier that removes impurities is essential, as air plants absorb nutrients from the atmosphere​​.

Is warm or cool humidifier better for plants?

When deciding between a warm or cool mist humidifier for your plants, the choice largely depends on the type of plants you have and the conditions they prefer.

Generally, cool mist humidifiers are recommended for most plants as they’re more effective at raising the humidity level in a room. They are also safer because they do not involve heating water, reducing the risk of burns or overheating in your grow space.

Cool mist humidifiers are particularly beneficial for creating a conducive environment for a wide range of houseplants, including those that thrive in tropical conditions, as they mimic the natural, humid environments these plants originate from without the added heat​​​​.

However, warm mist humidifiers can be preferable for tropical plants as they simulate the warm, humid conditions these plants naturally grow in, but they do use more energy and require regular maintenance to prevent mineral buildup​​.

Ultimately, the best approach is to consider the specific needs of your plants and the environmental conditions of your grow room. Experimenting with both types of humidifiers might be necessary to find what works best for your indoor garden​​​​.

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